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It's hard to believe how Quatre, a kind fellow who is always optimistic emerged from a youth that was always pessimistic. When he was 13, he cared for no one. He believed that no one loves him and he shouldn't love anybody. That changed when he met the Maganac Corp. Since then, Quatre has a kind and generous soul. He is friendly and would befriend anyone that he sees. He tries to reach out to people with hopes that they will be his friend. Sometimes, they respond by resenting him with a cold shoulder like Heero or Trowa. That doesn't phase Quatre one bit though, he never gave up on trying to be their friend. In the end, they realize what a kind person he is. Remember when Heero and Quatre arrived back on earth after the Zero incident? Heero was playing with 2 dogs. He asked Quatre why didn't he play with them. Quatre didn't reply. Heero told him that animals had a special ability to tell whether a person was kind or not and it seemed like the dogs would love to play with Quatre more anyways. So he did. He was a lover of animals especially dogs.

Throughout the series, Quatre takes the blame for things that go wrong. As Duo said in EW, "If you leave him alone, Quatre always takes the blame for everything. I wouldn't be surprised if one day, he says that his lack of effort is why there is no air in outer space." He insists that if it wasn't for him, then everything would be well. That is just the kind of person Quatre is. He thinks he is responsible for everything. His friends encourage him, that it wasn't his fault alone and he starts to realize it bit by bit. Like that time Trowa had amnesia, he says that it is all his fault to Catherine. Even though it was really the zero system that caused the trouble, he insisted that it was he who almost killed Trowa. He never blamed him because later, he helped him to remember his past.

I would describe Quatre as a kind, responsible and generous person who never failed to be a friend. He was always there when people needed his help. He had a lot of responsibilities as the new young heir of the Winner family, but he always managed to help the other pilots as well. He would never let anyone down.

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