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(thanks to Kuroneko for providing some space for these on her domain.)

Since Quatre's seiyuu is Orikasa Ai, she sings all of Quatre's image songs.

Q U A T R E ' S   I M A G E   S O N G S
Brave Eyes - [ 4:19 ] - [ 4.9 MB ]
My favourite song of Orikasa Ai! Starts with calm and slow stanzas. Then the wonderful fast beat chorus kicks in!

I'm Your Friend - [ 3:53 ]   [ 4.5 MB ]
A S-U-P-E-R fast beat song all the way through. The chorus slows down by only a bit though!

Star's Gaze - [ 5:20 ] - [ 6.1 MB ]
(Hoshi no Manazashi)
A slow song for once. A very slow melody to calm you down from all this pop music. I didn't like this song that much because I like fast beat songs. XD
Sparkling Harmony - BGM - [ 1:06 ] - [ 1.0 MB ]
A beautiful and soothing violin and flute duet. Played by Quatre and Trowa in the show. I love this melody!!! It's sooooo sweet!

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