english name
Quatre's full English name is pronounced as Kat-tra Ra-ba-ba Win-ner. If you know French, quatre is the word for four and it does sound similar to the French pronunciation but without the "rrr" sound. ^_^ Number symbolism is a theme in Gundam Wing.

japanese name  
The full name "Quatre Raberba Winner" looks like this in Japanese. Quatre's full name is pronounced as Ka-tor-ru Ra-ba-ba We-in-na.

chinese name  
This is just for people who like to know this and is just plainly for fun purposes. Look above to see how the name "Quatre" is written in chinese. The full name "Quatre Raberba Winner" looks like this in Traditional Chinese. (I'm not exactly sure if this is the one but I googled it and it only shows Traditional Chinese results so I suppose... it is?) This version of Quatre's name probably is Hong Kong's translation. The Taiwanese translation of Quatre's name is different and so is the the one from China. Quatre's full name in chinese is pronounced as Ka-daw-low Lak-ba-ba Wun-La. (if you are saying this, make sure the "low" sound is down and not up, make it sound bass. Like "loooooooooo" ^_^) For Chinese people, this is exactly sounded out in English pronounciations so just read it as if it was English.

Quatre's name was derived from Quatrine. Quatrine was the name of Quatre's mother. His father named Quatre after her.

(from kalabrians solely out of curiosity and fun purposes)

Your name of Quatre has given you (1) an idealistic nature with a desire to help others. Your initiative often (2) causes you to be the first to act when you see a need. Since you are impressionable and receptive, you feel the misfortunes of others very keenly. However, this name makes it awkward for you to express your deeper thoughts and feelings with finesse and diplomacy to the extent that your candid, sometimes blunt, manner of speaking creates misunderstandings with others. (3) Being somewhat self-centred, you learn through your own experiences, as you rarely take advice from others. Yet, (4) you are sensitive and very easily hurt and offended. You long for praise and appreciation for your efforts, but others find it difficult to understand you. You dislike monotony and system and (5) enjoy being creative in an inventive way whether it be in interior decorating, music, art, crafts, or other endeavours that require versatility and skill. You are imaginative and visionary, somewhat of a perfectionist, yet the results of (6) your efforts often fall short of your high expectations. (7) A leadership position appeals to you because you would enjoy directing others rather than being directed. (8) Your feelings are strong and you tend to react intensely to situations. Because of your (9) sensitive nervous system, over-stress and extreme tiredness could cause nervous disorders, seizures, fainting, or dizziness. You could also experience head tension such as headaches, weak eyes, or throat problems.

It matches so much I am scared. So this is not to be taken seriously. The lines in italics are the ones that I think relate to Quatre and the details are matched by the numbers.

1) & 2) He is often the one that would try to help others first. He will be the first to act if he sees a need, like the time when he went to help Heero even though he told him not to and Noin questioned him about it.

4) He is indeed sensitive and hurt easily. In Siberia, he was easily knocked out onto the train tracks and was easily stabbed by Dorothy. This was often because he was too gentle and did not want to fight.

5) He enjoys music and arts because he had grown fond of them at a young age.

6) & 8) Quatre was that kind of person that blamed himself for bad things that were happening. When Trowa is thrown out of Vayaete resulting in amnesia.

7) ha ha... but you know Quatre didn't want to be the leader in ep 44, he took command because Heero asked him to.

9) Having a sensitive nervous system, he is able to feel more for others and for outer space. Rasid was asking if they could trust Trowa, he said that the heart of outer space told him that Trowa wasn't that kind of guy.

The underlined part 3) applied when he was young. He was self-centered because he grew up feeling not needed. He decided he need not treat anyone nicely. He didn't take anyone's advice when he was young and he often learned through physical experience. For example, when Rasid hit him because he didn't understand.

Other than Quatre, people refer to him as other names too. They are usually titles though. The Magwanac hardly call him by the name Quatre. They call him Master Quatre since the Winner family supported them with funds they had to look after Quatre, sort of like servants calling him a master. ^_^; On the internet, people made up some titles for him like Winner's Prince and Noble of the Desert. He is not a prince but technically, everyone worships him because he is the only son in the family. So he is treated like a prince, but that doesn't matter because he acts like one anyway. ^_^ Since he is considered a "prince", he is noble. With his Arab decent, he is closely connected with the desert. This gves him the name of Noble in the Desert.

code name
I just noticed that half of the pilots' names aren't "real". Trowa's was given to him because of Operation Meteor. Heero's was a code name. Duo's was given to him by his best friend, Solo. I have no clue about Wufei's name. x_x Anyway, it is Quatre Raberba Winner who never has to hide his name. He is proud to tell everyone his name. That is why he often gave introductions. That is why he never needed code names. People respect his name. No offence to the other pilots. XP (looking scared ^.^;)

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