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001 }   Misaki - Canada - em@il - www
He has the blue eyes that you just can't look away. He's got that beautiful platinum blonde hair. Best of all, that smile just makes you wanna smile too! Who wouldn't love him? Not to mention he loves tea just like I do! His kindness, friendship, and generosity awes me. ^_^
002 }   Wa - Canada - em@il - www
I like Quatre because he is kind, polite, good looking, he is a good leader, he has skills and he is rich! He cares about other people, he like to make friends to others. Who wouldn't like him? I luff Quatre!
003 }   Ai - Canada - em@il - www
Hmmm...why? Well, he's handsome, smart, kind, understanding, organized, rich...what else could you ask for in a guy! Mostly because I think he would make a great friend.
004 }   Emmy J. - USA - em@il
Easy! Because of the kind of person he is. When he gave that classic line, "Surrender and I'll spare your lives." then, even sounded grieved when he said, "I told you; you should have surrendured." I knew right then and there that he was the best of them all. Also, in my eyes it certainly doesn't hurt his standing any that he's a musician! When I saw him play the violin in episode 3, I thought that was so cool. Then, when he played the PIANO...
(Background: I LOVE piano; next to church and school, piano is my LIFE!) Since then, my placing Quatre as favorite has grown almost into an obsession as I've struggled to find others who feel the same way about him as I do. I found it rather shocking, upon reading various fan fiction, to find that many, many people classify him as nothing more that a girly little rich boy who goes around in pink shirts drinking tea and talking incessantly about flowers!!! All in all, I definitely support Quatre.
005 }   Stephanie - Canada - em@il
I just love Quatre... do you really need an explanation? Heh, j/k. Like there's just something about him... he's so kind-hearted, and so sincere. He's just so damn cute, not to mention he really doesn't have a coupling. He's just my fav. gundam wing chara...

006 }   Cherry Hikari - Canada - em@il - www
Well, you gotta love the eyes! They're so adorable! And the hair! I can go on rambling about Quatre but there's one word that best decribes him. Hot. RIGHT?

007 }   icy sugar - Canada - em@il - www
Quatre is sooo cute the way he always seeks peace in a non-violent way! *run off to find quatre* *finds him* *glomps on him*

008 }   Shiyume - USA - em@il - www
I'm a fan cuz he's so cute, he's kind, and he's quatre...^_^"

009 }   R. Leonard - USA - em@il
He's the cutest!

010 }   Valerie - Canada - em@il - www
He's very kind and caring of others, even if they're being complete idiots. *cough*Heero*cough*

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