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011 }   Baku - USA - em@il - www
He grew on me like fungus. Never knew how or why I like him. ^_^;

012 }   KotarO` - Philippines - em@il - www
Well... he was the ever first bishie guy I ever fell in love with! :D Should I say more?

013 }   Nina - Philippines - em@il - www
I'm fascinated by his profound character. His complexity appeals more to me than any of the other pilots' of Gundam Wing.

014 }   Charlotte - England - em@il - www
He's not the usual type of person I'd like, but there is something about Quatre that makes me like such a kind person as he is! I liked Quatre from the beginning, but after watching his battle with Heero, I saw he had a mad side & well... I dunno...his actually a decent human..0_o I'm gonna go on forever X_X

015 }   Alice - USA - em@il - www
When I first saw a Gundam Wing pic of the whole pilot group. The first thing that caught my attention was a blue-eyed blond. I immediately start looking at every GW site I could find, with galleris. I then ended up with like 60s pictures of Quatre.

016 }   LTGMars - USA - em@il - www
Quatre is the one Gundam pilot in Gundam Wing that I can feel the most compassion for, and that least "deserves" to be in the cockpit.

017 }   Sierra - USA - em@il
Quatre is such a fun-loving and sincere person. He cares a lot for the people that he loves and he's also sweet, adorable and handsome too!

018 }   Ice Archer Girl - Canada - em@il - www
I love his sweet personality, he's an awesome fighter, but at the same time, there's compassion in his attacks. Not to mention he has such mesmerizing platium blue eyes!!

019 }   Betsy - Mexico - em@il - www
Quatre is so cute!! (I love his smile ^_^)... and he plays piano! ^^-.

020 }   Angelic - Singapore - em@il - www
Though Quatre seem to be the weaker and more peaceful Gundam Pilot among the rests but he is a real gentleman.

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