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__________ Members
All the loving fans of Quatre.
I hope to see this list grow!

____________________ | 1 |
Name: Misaki
Site: Fortitude
Why I support Quatre:
He has the blue eyes that you just can't look away. He's got that beautiful platinum blonde hair. Best of all, that smile just makes you wanna smile too! Who wouldn't love him? Not to mention he loves tea just like I do! His kindness, friendship, and generosity awes me. ^_^
____________________ | 2 |
Name: Wa
Site: A Gundam Wing Fairy Tale
Why I support Quatre:
I like Quatre because he is kind, polite, good looking, he is a good leader, he has skills and he is rich! He cares about other people, he like to make friends to others. Who wouldn't like him? I luff Quatre!
____________________ | 3 |
Name: Ai
Site: A Gundam Wing Fairy Tale
Why I support Quatre:
Hmmm...why? Well, he's handsome, smart, kind, understanding, organized, rich...what else could you ask for in a guy! Mostly because I think he would make a great friend.
____________________ | 4 |
Name: Serenity
Site: Black Robed
Why I support Quatre:
Cause he's so cute! And sweet.. and.. who wouldn't? :: hugs her Quatre plushie furiously ::
____________________ | 5 |
Name: Misty
Why I support Quatre:
Because he's cute, and I think he's one of the best charries on GW o.o... He's the only one that's a prince anyway.
I squealed because it was the first time I saw him... and he looked like he was taking charge o.o and he seemed really nice and cared about others
____________________ | 6 |
Name: Megan Pierce
Site: A Dreamer's World
Why I support Quatre:
I LOVE HIM!!! He's sweet, a guy version of me, and he's EXACTLY like the guy I've had a MEGA crush on for years, and he's just plain rad..... that's it, like that whole thing with Sandrock in Endless Waltz when he goes to that door thingy-ma-bobber and just does this "X" thing to... it just looks rad! :D OH!! And did I mention that he's MEGA HOT, too??!!! :D
____________________ | 7 |
Name: Stephanie
Site: (not named yet)
Why I support Quatre:
I just love Quatre... do you really need an explanation? Heh, j/k. Like there's just something about him... he's so kind-hearted, and so sincere. He's just so damn cute, not to mention he really doesn't have a coupling. He's just my fav. gundam wing chara...
____________________ | 8 |
Name: Eico Stephens
Why I support Quatre:
Because he is the best of em all. I love him!
____________________ | 9 |
Name: Lady Shinigami
Site: Quatre Diary
Why I support Quatre:
I supporte quatre because is my favorite bishonen and he are cute, gentle, charismatic and more and VERY more other things!
____________________ | 10 |
Name: Jennifer Maxwell
Why I support Quatre:
I love Quatre in every way, he is smart, romantic, kind, funny, and so caring. I would date him in a heartbeat if he existed and I'm sure he does. I prove that I love Quatre by arguning with my backstabbing that Quatre is NOT gay or in any other way girly. He might dress formal but that is because he is very respectful.
____________________ | 11 |
Name: Blackwing
Why I support Quatre:
I support Quatre because not only is he brave, intelligent, and just simply adorable, he is the sweetest of the gundam pilots. Quatre thinks with his heart and genuinely cares about the welfare of others. I love the fact that underneath that sweet angelic persona, lies a very strong individual who isn't afraid to make a difference. Quatre is just adorable. You can't help but love him! ^__^
____________________ | 12 |
Name: Michiko
Why I support Quatre:
Because he's sooooo cuuuute and smart and .... I WANT MY OWN QUATRE!!!! WAAAA!!!
____________________ | 13 |
Name: Emmy J.
Why I support Quatre:
Easy! Because of the kind of person he is. When he gave that classic line, "Surrender and I'll spare your lives." then, even sounded grieved when he said, "I told you; you should have surrendured." I knew right then and there that he was the best of them all. Also, in my eyes it certainly doesn't hurt his standing any that he's a musician! When I saw him play the violin in episode 3, I thought that was so cool. Then, when he played the PIANO...
(Background: I LOVE piano; next to church and school, piano is my LIFE!) Since then, my placing Quatre as favorite has grown almost into an obsession as I've struggled to find others who feel the same way about him as I do. I found it rather shocking, upon reading various fan fiction, to find that many, many people classify him as nothing more that a girly little rich boy who goes around in pink shirts drinking tea and talking incessantly about flowers!!! All in all, I definitely support Quatre.
____________________ | 14 |
Name: Anime's Spirit
Site: instantphoenix.cjb.net
Why I support Quatre:
Cuz he's so sweet and innocent ^__^; and kawaii XD; even though he's so misunderstood and he's so generous even though he;s rich (you would expect a snotty annoying guy ^^; but not our quatre XD)