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11/13/2003: "Sixth month anniversary!"

music: Koda Kumi - 1000 no Kotoba (Orchestral version)
mood: happy

Today is my sixth month anniversary with Angel. I have never been so happy in my life. I feel absolutely lucky to have him in my life, I truly do. This makes me so freaking giggly. Hehe. I am so god damn happy! It might have been a crappy school-day, but it's a good day :D yep. Happy sixth months, Angel .

It would be nice to have an engagement ring with the diamond in the shape of a neko's head. That would be so cute, but then it would be wrong, ne? I think that's more likable than the common shapes they have had for years. Neko-head-shaped diamond rings! Just a cute thought.

My back has had the biggest pain. It's been going on since I woke up from that damn branch that smacked against my window. The electricity went off real quick, and it reseted my alarm clock. Damn it all. It takes a lot of effort to set my clock up, you know. >_< eyyahhhhgh. Oh, well.... Off to review for quizzes and crap. Stuff that I have to make up, too!

Replies: c3mment

on Tuesday, February 3rd, Jen said

You are fucking gay as hell, angel is fucking me get a life hes mine

on Friday, November 14th, Aowyn said

No, they don't. That's what makes me sad :(

on Friday, November 14th, Angel said

Happy six months! ^_^ ::Nuzzle::
Won't be loong before another six roll around. n.n engagement ring with a diamond in the shape of a neko's head WOULD be cute. XD I dun' think they make those though. ;-;

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