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12/15/2003: "Long time no post x_x;"

music: Utada Hikaru - Hikari
mood: sick

Wow, I haven't posted here in a while. Seems like forever, ne? Well, I have been stuck around my LiveJournal more often than here. And I have a lot of school work to do that I really never have time to make a new layout, which I will plan to do within the weekend that is given to me. This layout seems really old to me now. And I have a couple of people who have linked me like Lynia, who has a beautiful red, Legato (yay!) layout, and.. That's about it XD yeah.

I have some Anatomy homework to do as well as Math. I might as well get started on those. Bye bye.

Replies: c4mment

on Friday, December 26th, Jul said

School has been keeping everyone away. Bleh.

on Thursday, December 25th, Raechell said

Merry Christmas!

on Sunday, December 21st, Aowyn said

Okay, you win :(

on Saturday, December 20th, Angel said

I told you! I said you'd change it again! XD BWAHAHAHA. :3

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