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Tuesday, February 17th

Dur dur dur dur.

music: My own giggling!

This looks like that? Please explain. I'm reluctant to contemplate this because it seems like you are over-exaggerating the theft of your layout. Despite the fact that he has stolen many times before, I do not see any similarity between those layouts o.O sure there's those what? Here's what I'm talking about. As for googling for the images. DUR.

What next? Lineage II? Found it out before you all.
Aowynz on 02.17.04 @ 05:55 PM EST [link]c0mment

Tuesday, February 10th

And that's about the time that she hung up on me.

music: Blink 182 - What's My Age Again?
mood: bleh

Nobody likes you when you're 23. God, I have Human Anatomy left to do. Ain't that just swell? And I have this really irritating headache. This night could be any worse? Boy, oh boy. I wish I could go to Katsucon 10! ::Cries.:: I wanted to cosplay as Talim for it, too. It looks for a first-timer. Yes, my very first costume I have ever completed and made. I'll get pictures of it some time...I guess.

Happy belated birthday to Angel !
Aowynz on 02.10.04 @ 06:19 PM EST [link]c2mment

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