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Friday, November 21st

Coffee House!!!

music: Matt Kirby's Mix
mood: tired

The Coffee House was fun! At least the first half was because DJ Sky (Chris Bradley) and Matt Kirby were spinning, and I danced in front of everyone XD ..Yes, rave.. It was fun and funny. I haven't raved in a long, long time e.e; and Jon was pretty good, and this girl was definately awesome, so was Fischer. It was a complete rave club, and Chris was hosting it, so it was awesome. My legs're sore from jumping so much, and my arms are numb from raving x.x; yet I manage to type. Helen can jump, yay! And I have to teach her how to rave x.x;

Otherwise, the bands sucked, except for Jinx 12 (?) and our school one! Yeah, okay o.o

I miss Angel ;o;
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Thursday, November 20th

Yu Ri Pa! Mission start!

music: Jade (Sweetbox) - Real Emotion
mood: tired

I have Final Fantasy X-2 in my hands. I do not like the gameplay graphics nor the music. But I love the battle system and graphics for the FMVs. Otherwise, I have no idea what Square-Enix was doing, honestly. But anywho :D

I have to go to a Woodson Coffeehouse in my school tomorrow. See, Helen and I will be at Anime USA for about 2-3 hours and then we'll head off to the school. Quite a plan, ne? Chris Bradley and Matt Kirby are spinning there, so I guess it'll be fun. Not to mention my friends will be there :D

And yeah o_o JOIN PLEASE! You know you want to.
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Friday, November 14th

Battle Royale!

music: Paul van Dyk - Crush
mood: cold

    This is currently my costume for Anime USA on Friday. Yes, it is from Battle Royale, and it took a while to find, and quite a bit of money ($54). I have to find some sort of red dye, or something, for the blood. It is actually a good imitation of the uniform they used in the movie. I like it, a lot. It's quite unfortunate they did not have a double for Brandy. Looks like she'll have to find her own costume. It is hard to tie a tie. It took me almost 10-minutes to get it right! I was so frustrated, and I have to do it right when I come home from school next Friday x_x; gee-golly. The last costume I need to finish is Talim and Mishima Reika x_x; gah.

I wish Angel could go with me to the convention. So he could dress up as another Battle Royale character, and I can look like I'm attacking him with my squirrely wrath. Hehe. Cute, but not as cute as Angel .
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Thursday, November 13th

Sixth month anniversary!

music: Koda Kumi - 1000 no Kotoba (Orchestral version)
mood: happy

Today is my sixth month anniversary with Angel. I have never been so happy in my life. I feel absolutely lucky to have him in my life, I truly do. This makes me so freaking giggly. Hehe. I am so god damn happy! It might have been a crappy school-day, but it's a good day :D yep. Happy sixth months, Angel .

It would be nice to have an engagement ring with the diamond in the shape of a neko's head. That would be so cute, but then it would be wrong, ne? I think that's more likable than the common shapes they have had for years. Neko-head-shaped diamond rings! Just a cute thought.

My back has had the biggest pain. It's been going on since I woke up from that damn branch that smacked against my window. The electricity went off real quick, and it reseted my alarm clock. Damn it all. It takes a lot of effort to set my clock up, you know. >_< eyyahhhhgh. Oh, well.... Off to review for quizzes and crap. Stuff that I have to make up, too!
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Tuesday, November 11th

Oi vey. Sick x_x;

music: Onegai Teacher - Shooting Star
mood: very sick

My crock ish brinking twelve all time. And can you tell me how to get to Sesamia Street? Yes, these are godly mp3s. And my top licks you, and you must give it oral pleasure. Heh.

The pants will be hard to do by hand. I don't really plan on buying small sweatpants, although it might come in handy if I don't have time. I'm sick, gah. I'll post a little later. Ciao.
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Monday, November 10th

Oi vey, homework x_x

music: The Simpsons Theme
mood: sleepy

Studying for both the AP Psychology test and the English quiz. The English quiz is a pain in the arse to study for. You can use notes, but it takes a long, long time to write it all up. I can't take it anymore, I'm switching to studying for AP Psychology. Even though I am watching The Simpsons right now.

I have another idea for cosplaying in Anime USA. Maybe a character from Naruto, but I don't know who. I need to give Helen and Steven some ideas for cosplaying. Only days ahead until the convention starts!

I'm not going to be on for a while. Stupid tests and quizzes D: boo.. Angel is having fun with Chris, and I'm here with school! I want to get out right now and move to Florida ;o; boo.. I you, Angel ;o;
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Sunday, November 9th

Testing and re-opening!

music: Chris Bradley's Mix
mood: tired

Testing and re-opening. I don't want to go to wake up early in the morning, and then go to school. For another week! It's horrible. I haven't done any homework either <.<

I have been working on my Talim costume for the whole weekend, as well as raking the leaves in the yard. I finished the top, but I have yet to finish the sleeves and the pants. This may take a long time, maybe a little after the first day of Anime USA. Hopefully, I'll make it x_x;

So, yes. That is basically it.. No one really visits and reads this except me, right? Probably right. And Angel is my lover .
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