I'm not really good at this type of stuff, but this is a personal site, so I might as well write one.
4.20.90 was the date I was born. National "High" day. That's probably why I grew to be fucked up. Anyway, we'll talk about that later. So I was born. My sister, Ireane, she was four. Now she's seventeen. I had an okay childhood I was raised a little differently than most kids. I got punished a lot for having a smart mouth. At age 8 I had "problems". Mental problems to be more specific. I went to a psychologist. The doctor wanted me to take an I.Q. test. My parents weren't interested. I was supposed to go to some special G.T.(gifted//talented) school in 3rd grade, but my parents declined. Which I am now eternally grateful for. When I was five, my little brother popped out, and when he was 2 months away from two, our little sister was born.. the little brat.. just kidding. 2 years after I was born, we were supposed to have another child, but it was a miscarriage. There was another miscarriage after my little brother.

So, I went through 4th - 6th grade with some problems. My family had financial problems. In 6th grade, I was supposed to move to Ohio with my siblings to live with my grandparents. But obviously it didn't happen. In 6th grade, my mom started working with Uncle Roy. My dad's friend from college. She still works for him as a contractor. We got through the shit. My first real crush was in 6th grade.. but I won't go into detail. I met my best friend in 5th grade. We had gone to the same school since kindergarten, but we never became friends untill 5th grade. We were both Sailor Moon freaks. I remember how stupid and foolish we were, but it was fun. I <3 my best friend, April.

I went through 7th grade, no complaints. Now, I'm in 8th grade. Still the same I guess. My older sister Ireane is 17, as I stated before. My little brother Aaron is 8 and my little sister Rebecca is 6.