...and on 07.12.2003 Ariel said:

Tuesday was the finale of Amreica's Next Top Model, but I couldn't watch it because I had to do my mom's algebra final for her AGAIN because she screwed something up and lost the first file the first time I did it. -_- I saw some of ANTM, and noticed that Elyse was gone and only Adrianne and Shannon were left! Aaaah! Well, Adrianne won, which was good since she's better than Shannon, but RRRG! I hope Elyse gets lots of success too, though.
BTW, more "final" things...I got 100% on my Algebra SOL! Yaaaaay! Not like it was that hard, but it's impressive nonetheless. I hope Mrs. Monfort sees our results and that I "did good." :)

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Whoa! You got 100%? *clap clap* Go Ariel! ^_^

Posted by Christina @ 07.13.2003 03:31 PM EST

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