...and on 07.30.2003 Ariel said:
"Mamma Mia!"

The play went off really well. The Camp Shakespeare thing was really fun esp. because the instructors were so nice and fun. Andrew (he was the sort of gofer intern) was really cute. He was probably the first person I saw on the first day of "camp" because he opened the door and I remember thinking, "eew...what a weirdo creep." But then he was really sweet and he waited with me when my folks were late to pick me up and we talked, and when I got a battle injury (I got a splinter from the wooden swords we use for stage combat), and when I was upset that my mom and I were fighting (long story...well, maybe not that long). And he was cute! (Didn't I already say that?) He wasn't very tall for a guy, but he had dark brown hair and blue eyes and nice biceps and he was soooo skinny! *drools* Poster boy for Ariel's "taste" in guys. LOL. And on the day of the performance at the actual Shakespeare Thea he was wearing this shirt that was so hott and pinstripe pants. God. NEway after our stage run we played a few games which was fun. People I'm gonna miss at least a teensey bit are Ted, Grace, Ryan, and Bovis. They were probably the people that I was closest to (I wasn't that close to anyone, mind you) and they were cool. I talked to Ted a little online this week, and he's still cool, plus he has a really taiiite SN. I really hope I get all the same instructors if I do this camp next year!

Lots more stuff to report. I saw Mamma Mia! on tour when I was in Philly at my grandparents' and it was soooooooooooo awesome! I love all the music and the plot was so cute. After the show when Grandman and I were waiting for Grandpa and Dad to pick us up, we saw the actor who played Harry walking down the street and talked to him a little and congratulated him. ^_^ I said to grandma that we should have waited outside the theatre so that I could see if I could get any of the hott dancer guys in the cast to hug me. I also got a cool hat in Chinatown (unrelated, LOL.)

I finally started reading Harry Potter, a.k.a. "The Big HP," as I call him. Chris' grandfather saw someone throw it our the window of their car, and he stoppedto pick it up. I told Chris that maybe some parent was pissed that their kid was reading it and not paying attention to them, hence the out-the-windowness. So she lent it to me to read when I went yesterday to sleepover. I'm up to Chapter 9 so far. If you want to see a replica of the e-mail I sent Chris containing my opinions on the book so far, read on...

Anyway, I'm up to chapter 9 so far (The Woes of Mrs. Weasley) and the only thing that's ticking me off a little bit about Harry is that he's all, "Waaah...why didn't you guys tell me I was being watched over at the Dursley's and this-and-that and waaaaah Dumbledore doesn't love me anymore." First of all, he should be THANKFUL that the reason people are witholding information from him isn't because he's DEAD. -_- Geez. And obviously someone was watching over him, do you think NO ONE would think to look after Harry's safety after the big VdM was back? And as to Dumbledore, I'm sure something's going on (obviously we'll find out later in the book) and he's too busy to be sending you love letters and hand-knitted sweaters. Uuuh...now he's "confronting the incompetence of athority" or whatever.

Other notes:
Hey what happened with/to Bagman in the last book? I forget...he was doing something illegal, right? Sirius is my second favorite character, I forgot to mention that. He's cool. Did he ever say that he lived with James before, because it seemed like I already knew that. Sirius and Lupin are almost exactly like Cassie's versions of them, which is cool. The only thing that sucks for Cassie now is that Sirius and Narcissa couldn't have gotten married--they're cousins! Also Kingsley is a stereotypical black bodygaurd. You DO know who's going to play him in the movie, right? Either Lawrence Fishburne or that big guy from Green Mile. LOL. Now who will be Tonks? Also, I hate how they have to explain everything to the reader like you don't know already...
Pg. 124:
"You don't usually walk to work, do you?" Harry asked him, as they set off briskly around the square.
"No I usually Apparate," said Mr. Weasley, "but obviously you can't, and I think it's better we arrive in a thoroughly non-magical fashion..."

Okay, YES, it IS ovbious he can't apparate. All he had to say was "I usually apparate" and left that other crap out. WE KNOW! Like when she continually mentions at how people wince and shudder at Voldemort's name. WE KNOW! We've known about it for at least, oh, 1400 pages now. Also he's really dumb, like some stuff is sooooo obvious. The "REMEMBER MY LAST" howler was obviously Lily's reminder the Petunia promised to take care of Harry if she and James died. Harry: "Duuur...who could that voice have been? Why would it say such an improper sentence fragment?" -_- But I still like the big HP...

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