I Can Blue for a Dead Ringer
posted 02/19/2004
Anyone interested in seeing Hidalgo on or about March 6 at the new Reston movie theatre (hopefully) should contact me via phone, fax, IM, or e-mail. Ha. We really need more guys so that the guys I want to invite won't feel drowned in a sea of giggling girls.

Had to undergo great levels of anxiety over choosing my classes next year. Ok, not that geat. I wish Journalism hadn't turned out to be such a monkey's ass, but that's how it goes. I really could have succeeded in that class if the environment had been better. I could have done Yearbook, but I gave that hope up because I'm sure it will be VERY similar to Journalism. Naturally, I'm taking all "honors" *sigh* classes and the one AP class that is offered for sophomores. It was my elective I was worried about--I wanted to do something sequential, useful, and something I'd enjoy. I really want to be involved in Theatre, but I don't want to take it as a class. I wanted to do somehting unique, you know, that I probably wouldn't get to do out of school. Besides, thea. becomes critical (i.e. harsh) at times and causes me huge levels of anxiety as it is, and as one who has mild GAD, I don't want to put up with that. So I was debating between Photog. 1 and 3D Studio Art 1 (both of which start in 10th grade and go up to level 3, so I wouldn't feel so bad about wasting my freshman year on Journalism. In the end it was Photog. that won. For better, I hope. Expect to see *imagine 100 sets of quotation marks on either side of this word* ARTSY pics from me put up on my (b)log next year. 6___6

Mr. Euwell is cool. He reminds me of my one of my uncles (on my mom's side, obviously.) The positive side of him, anyway.

People who make it possible for me to not jump out of a window in Biology: B-Pad, B-Miq, G-Roj, The Great Robbino, Kwang, Dhui, The Cooper Trooper, Xelsey Xarrol, and First-In Kirsten. Thanks to you all. Hopefully we'll all survive SexEd...together. *sooooo scared of taking that class with Mrs. Pf* Anyone interested in joining the APA (Anti-Pfeiffer Alliance) should also contact me by phone, email, IM, or fax. (BTW, if you actually DO want to send me a fax, that would be cool! You just dial my phone # and then I think you have to press *51 to send the fax through.)

Today: Hung out w/ Chris after school. It was great. Kelsey bought a Twix, ate half, and gave the other one to me. Then Kelsey was thirsty because of the Twix and bought a Diet Coke, took one sip, and gave the rest of me. I said I didn't really like Diet Coke, but hey, I'd drink poison if it was free. Chris said I was essentially if aspertame gave me cancer. Kirsten hates pretending to be Goth slash counter-culture. Good times. Also, I hate people who aren't like me, but I hate people who are like me, too.

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