Elizabeth says: Ummm.....you spelled stupid in stupid people wrong.... thats all. By the way, can I get a whats up?
02/21/2004 @ 08:13 PM EST             

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The Sock Man
posted 02/20/2004
B-Pad is def. cute slash hott.
More nameless, faceless stuff happened today. I wore a cute hat. It was nice wether outside. I'm thinking of going mostly skirts this summer, if possible. I found a super-cute pair of thigh-hi rainbow socks online and dad actually bought them for me. ^__^ I'll give them a plug cause this store is taite:
(The Sock Man: Socks, tights, pantyhose, and underwear. New York. - Online Store)

My dad also said, "Yeh, dey cool" in an Andrew Hartnett/ghetto-fab fashion.
I also found one of the most ridiculous, evil things I have ever read. It's a review of Miyazaki's Spirited Away from the most fanatical X-tian viewpoints possible. It's almost funny, except it becomes sickening when you think there are people who could be so close-minded. The reviewer clearly doesn't understand the overlying theme of the movie and that it is positive. "Them durn pegan Japs--too bad we didn't nuke 'em kuhmuh-kazee sinners all dead in WWII." Read it and leave a comment (to me, that is), onegaishimasu.
(CAP: Spirited Away Review)

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