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Common Threads
posted 02/22/2004
1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about yourself.

(in common with Nancy)
01. I want an iPod Mini
02. I hate reality TV.
03. I'm the oldest/only child.
04. School is VERY easy.
05. I want my ears pierced twice.
06. I am a Libra.
07. I want to learn to dance.
08. I hate mean, stupid people.
09. I'm always open to trying any kind of food that people eat.
10. I can't live without music.
11. I want to go to Greece for the Olympics this year.
12. I am multi-talented.
13. I want to go to a good college.
14. Unreachable dream: having a twin brother
15. I'm not a drama queen.
16. I eventually want kids.
17. Exercize is boring, yet is a necessary evil.
18. I think gays and lesbians deserve their legal rights.
19. I still wish I went to Westfield.
20. I am a person.
21. I still don't know what I want to do with my life.
22. I wish I were less socially inept.
23. I love taking pictures.
24. I hate girls who are fake.
25. I can be mean when I want to.
26. My dreams are bizarre.
27. Iíve been to/had a bunch of sleepovers.
28. I bite my nails like crazy.

29. I love clothes and other things you can personalize.
30. Iíve never been out of the country, but I'll go the first chance I get.
31. I love Finding Nemo.
32. I have a VERY retentive memory.
33. Cold weather isn't so bad after all.
34. I procrastinate.
35. I love the summer.
36. I hate mosquitoes.
37. I love to sleep.

38. I have opinions, but I keep them to myself unless asked.
39. I'm good at telling people's true natures.
40. A dog doesn't wear a dog costume. (It's a metaphor--think about it!)
41. I look ugly when I cry.
42. I need to cut my hair.
43. I want to be a healthy eater.
44. I love the beach.
45. Iíve never been in a hospital before.
46. Guys with accents are hot.
47. People are too defensive of their religion.
48. I don't know why I take these surveys and stuff.
49. Blackboard needs to die.
50. I love my friends.

51. Halloween is fun--I love to dress up!
52. I love that I'm multiracial.
53. I can't really watch a TV series every week.
54. I think a Caucasian Heritage Club is fine.
55. My vocabulary transcends the common vernacular.
56. Being a teen is an excuse for me to giggle over celebrity guys.
57. I don't hold grudges. UsuallyÖ
58. I'm a happy person. But only when Iím happy.
59. I love to dance.
60. I love to sing.
61. My roomís a pigsty
62. I love cute pajamas.
63. I love acting crazy with my friends and seeing people stare. But only if I donít know the people.

64. I love Japan and Japanese.
65. I hate seeing animals/people getting hurt/abused.
66. I want to go to Florida with a group of friends. Anywhere, actually.
67. I don't like to study for tests.

68. My greatest goal in life is to earn a living doing a job that I love and makes use of my talents.
69. I am forgiving. Believe it or notÖ
70. I have a horrible sense of direction.
71. I loved middle school.

72. I know enough trivia to be on Jeoparady.
73. It makes me sad when good TV shows jump the shark (get bad).
74. I wish my parents had made me learn an instrument or sport from a young age.
75. I love color.
76. People who meet me for the first time think I'm quiet.
77. I want cosmetic color contacts and fake glasses.
78. Don't joke that we should drop bombs on other countries.
79. I'm very weird.
80. I work really well under pressure
81. I talk A LOT...but only to my friends.
82. I like comfy sweatpants.
83. I try to develop my own style, and to not classify myself.
84. I hate the smell of fresh mulch.
85. I love my family.
86. I wanna pierce my bellybutton
87. I just like to get things done

88. I always wanted to learn to play the guitar.
89. I hate the feeling of failure.
90. I am a virgin.
91. I like food. Food is good.
92. I can be quite selfish.

93. I respect people who don't speak English well, because it doesn't mean they're stupid.
94. Sometimes I want everything, other times I wonder why material things even matter.
95. There's always room for sarcasm.
96. Fairly Oddparents and Spongebob are all that make Nickelodeon worth watching.
97. I wish I were more motivated when it comes to school.
98. I love getting stuff in the mail.
99. I have problems letting go of old friends.

100. Modern art rocks!

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