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Le Chateau de MURDER
posted 03/20/2004
Le C de M is a play written by Reaves + Kevin, who are, if you didn't know, THE FUNNIEST guys in school. It's a one-act murder mystery comedy and it was GREAT. Because this is Westfield theatre, it was chock-full-o sexual refrences and whatnot. Still, all in good taste, or maybe not, but all in good humor.

Elisa, Kelsey, and Nicole consisted my "posse" there, although Caroline, Emily, Jen and/or Steph (O__o) and Courtney and her friends were there. Alki, Meagan, Meena, and Kristine were there too but we weren't sitting next to them. The place was packed, because it was cabaret-style and everything was onstage. We also got a free dessert which was DELICIOUS! I got a mousse-like chocolate cake and coffee. YUM! Kristine gave me a ride home, and it was nice to see her again. ^__^

Highlighted quotes that I remember: Jon said, "I'M AWESOME!" (a.k.a. Justin Timberlake impersonating Ashton Kutcher on SNL) he also said "I cut the power" to the tune of "I got the power" and did a "sexy" dance. He's sooo cute! <3 Derek said "I wanted to run through the halls of my highschool...I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs!" Reeves was a doctor impersonator and he's like, "I tried to save her...but there was just too much blood in her heart." I hope there's some way we can get a tape.
"It was the great Penguin War of '75. We were in Africa. The year: 1976." Also people kept forgetting their names. Reaves was Victor Romeo (ro-MAY-o) and he goes, "When I get back, people will ask, 'Cornelius, what did you do this weekend?'"
Joe died when he was smoking a pipe and "exploded" on Reeves. It was funny because Reeves was outside the door onstage and someone threw some red liquid on him.

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