andy says: its close enough to the sir mixalot measurements
03/24/2004 @ 07:04 PM EST             

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I Hate Everything
posted 03/22/2004
I'm depressed. *Mike Chimento impersonation* Actually, I just feel like I'm so terrible at the play. I mean, it's so hard when you're working with people like Megan, Derek, Reaves, and Kevin to measure up and equal their quality. Mostly, I'm bad physically, probably because I'm not comfortable with myself yet...more so in this new environment that is more professional than stupid middle school theatre. I think I really need to just stand in front of the mirror for an hour a day during spring break and work on my physicality. I feel so crappy, though...I hope I can improve. Plus Mr. Pafumi put it pretty blatantly that I should take Theatre, so now I'll have to annoy my counselor some more so I can switch classes. In any event, I'm going to do it no matter how much I will inevitablly hate theatre, because I want to be involved in the plays.

On the up note, I got my measurements taken for my costume and I secretly memorized them. Hah. This is the first time I've ever been measured. I think I'm 5'5" or something, but I don't know. Is this kind of hott?
B:34 1/2
W: 26
H: 36

I speak many languages.
a rielaimiz u: your Japanese skills wa crappy desu
a rielaimiz u: yo soy scared

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