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Convos VI
posted 03/28/2004
suigeneris027: it was really hot, cuz hes it was hot...
suigeneris027: did i tell u hes growing out his hair? its all like wispy and hot!!
a rielaimiz u: that sounds hot!
a rielaimiz u: wow we said hot too many times

aRieLaimizu (11:26:58 PM): hey, Mike
aRieLaimizu (11:27:02 PM): I'VE BECOME SO NUMB
the angry emo (11:27:03 PM): CRAWLING IN MY SKIN

Nancy: My colloid ice-cream mixture attracts all the adolescent males to the yard. They're like, "It is far superior to yours," That's right, "It is far superior to yours," I could instruct you on my methods, but then I would require you to reward me pecuniarily.

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