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NOTE: Please make sure you have read my agreement policy statement before submitting this form! Incomplete forms will be disregaurded.

Layout Packages

Payment for the layout is through PayPal. After I accept your request, I'll send you an e-mail regarding payment. Please choose the layout package that best suits your needs for your site. All prices are in US dollars.

PACKAGE 1 (CL01): $15.00
For personal/non-commercial sites
Includes one layout, one subpage design, one button, and one banner
Layout can be a choice of CSS or CSS-free, frames, tables, or pop-ups.

PACKAGE 2 (CL02): $100.00
For commercial sites
Everything in package 1, plus extra banners and buttons for FREE

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* You can have more than one main color on a layout, and I may not necessarily use the color you choose. Also, the color you select implies shades of that color, not necessarily the exact color. This is just to give me an idea of how to make your layout.

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