Contact Me

Here's a mulitude of ways to contact me for questions and comments. The best way to talk to me is via e-mail, because I'm usually not online longer than a few minutes during the week to send/receive mail. If you are e-mailing me with questions, please check the F.A.Q. page first to see if any of them are answered. I will not respond to e-mail with questions that are on the F.A.Q. page. There's only one condition to contacting me: NO SPAMMING! Also, please do not make my inbox explode with thousands of e-mails. Just because I don't reply the next day doesn't mean I didn't get your message. My primary messenger is AIM, and I'm usually on weekends around 2PM-11PM EST.

AIM: ArielAiMizu
Yahoo! IM: SereneAriel
ICQ: #72771315

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