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Li-Alynn's Notes: Isn't this so cute? The title is Fauxtoshop! FAUX-toshop!!! GET IT?! HAHAHAA...it's funny!!! *cricket chirp* Um, yeah...
I had to do a lot of screencapping to make this layout! ^__^; I'm sure this isn't the most original design...I bet a lot of so-called "clever" people have thought to rip off Photoshop to make a laoyut like this. For myself, I got the idea from Mena, who had a Photoshop theme in her blog layout at some time or another.
Each of the 6 icons below are image map linked. So are the 4 icons to the right of "Lock." The 5 tabs (layers, paths, history, navigator, and channels) and the little right-facing arrow button next to them are linked, too. Use as many or as few as you wish to link around your site. I have the little "delete layer" trash can icon linking back to the main page by default, but you can change that as well.
The splash page is enigmatic, but I like it that way. You might want to add stuff to it so your visitors are less confused, though... I think it's tastefully stylish the way it is.
Overall, a nice layout. I only wish I had spent more time on the image with the girl. I considered making the marquee thinggy animated, but decided against it on the grounds that it would be too distracting. As always, please e-mail me or sign my guestbook if you use this layout on your site so that I can see what you've done with it!

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