Last Updated: 03/28/03
NEW LAYOUT: 03/04 (Brown)
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03/28/04 @ 10:31 am EST
Added some more 88x31 buttons and icons. Fixed more problems on the site thanks to tips from Anataya. ^__^
03/21/04 @ 8:35 pm EST
Just fixed some more problems around the site, including but not limited to the links section and the frames pages.
03/15/04 @ 8:39 pm EST
Okey-dokey, I've taken time FINALLY to make a new, REFINED, COMPLETED site layout. Don't know what manga the girls are from...they may be doujinshi. I found it on usenet or somewhere of the like. Hopefully this layout will give me some more semi-professional credibility. I hope you find the site is easier to navigate and more pleasing to look at. I also took out some of my crappier old layouts with the bad graphics and coding just because. -___- Please submit lots of Custom Layout Requests, as I need the money. ^___^
02/07/04 @ 8:23 am EST
New layout of Vash from Trigun on the 2nd frames layout page. ^__^

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