Site Layout Archive

All of UKL's past layouts are archived here, if you want to look at them. Click on the thumbnail to view a compressed preview image of each layout. Below the thumbnail is the title of the layout, the series it's from, the type of layout, the duration of its usage, the program I used to create it, and my comments.

The Hotline Goes Retro
Powerpuff Girls
Frames with image map menu
Adobe Photoshop 7
Like I said in the description of the previous layout, The Hotline Goes Retro was just me making a makeshift layout for my move to I didn't like this layout much at all, because I couldn't find a pic that I liked for the main image of the layout. Also, it sucked because the content frame was too small, so I had to have the layout and button sections in pop-up windows. >_< This layout didn't even last a whole month before I replaced it with Fragrance of History.

Moon in Bloom
Seraphim Call
Frames with rollover button menu
Ulead PhotoImpact
I like this layout much better than its successor, The Hotline Goes Retro. THGR was mainly a throw-together for my move to This layout was inspired by my friend Mena's work and by an original online fic I was into at the time. It also won a few awards from layout sites. I was sad to have to retire Moon in Bloom. Hopefully you'll see even better designs by me in the future now that I have PS7.

"FUN" Components
Table with rollover button menu
Ulead PhotoImpact
This layout is really cute! I used a Fontalicious font called Sushi Pop to create the lil' heads. The menu was a rollover, and when you hovered over one of the faces, its expression would change! How adorable! I hastily put this layout up because I was tired of Snowing Creampuffs. I never actually finished it--the subpages were the same ones from Snowing Creampuffs for the whole two months I used this design! ^_;

Snowing Creampuffs
Cardcaptor Sakura
Stylesheet with link menu
Ulead PhotoImpact
I made this layout in about 30 minutes (REALLY fast) from a background from It was the first stylesheet layout I'd ever made. (I think?_?) I liked it for a while, but quickly got tired of it. It was also really popular with visitors, many of whom asked me if they could use it. So in the end, I took this short-lived layout down so I could make it available for anyone to use. You can download Snowing Creampuffs in the layouts section.

Honto ni Iroai Aoi
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
Table with link menu
Ulead PhotoImpact
"Honto ni iroai aoi" meaning, "truly shades of blue." My first layout for UKL! This layout had a form field updates box on the main page, and that's why I have the "Contains form elements" icon in my layouts section. But I actually haven't done any form-inclusive layouts for the layout section since then! ^_^ This layout inspired the official site colors for Umi Kuni, which are blue, black, and white. It also has the official font, (LOL, I'm very official) verdana. This layout was okay, and I might make it available for download someday.

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