You know all those personality quizzes that are so vague, and NONE of the answers would ever apply to you? This isn't one of those. This quiz will tell you EXACTLY who you are, indesputably. Cool, huh? Answer all the questions to find out who you are.

1. What are you listening to? (Besides that "Everybody clap your hands" song)
"M.I.S.S. P.I.M.P."
Nancy's Mix
Reliant K
"I'm Too Sexy..."
"Squrr Dance"

2. Do you have a stalker?
Does Dan Bever still count?
Yes. But I like the CDs he gives me.
Tons...but I don't have proof.
Yeah. Everyone's doing it...
He's pale and scary, and chicks dig him.

3. Scenario: You go to a Washington Caps game for a birthday party. What would you spend most of the time doing?
I don't know, I've never been to one.
Texting/playing with your cell phone
Actually following the game
Yelling insults at the players who you think suck, even though you don't follow hockey
Watching the game, but being excessively entertained by the blimps and zamboni
Balancing watching and talking to friends with expert skill

4. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
Buy one...mmmm chocolate is good.
I would kill a man. (Got that one from mah boi, Ravi.)
Not much. I don't really like them.

5. Scenario: Someone slaps you on the butt. What to do...?
Think, "Was that guy hitting on me?"
Say, "Ookaaaay..."
Get freaked out/scared and immediately tell all your girlfriends in a shocked tone.
Don't react. You never react to anthing anyone does.

6. What are your favorite radio stations?
99.5 (pop), 104.1 (alt. rock)
99.5 sometimes, 98.7 (country)
107.1 (soft rock), 100.3 (oldies)
94.7 (classic rock), NOT 99.5
101.1 (modern rock), 100.3
98.7 (my parents), 99.5 (me)

7. What is your dance?
Swing dance
Booty-shakin dance
Dance from Mission Meadows
White person dance and/or Cotton-Eye Joe

8. What's in?
Perverted stuff/stupid stuff (Scary Movie 3 has both)
Superb English. Not really, just being facetious.
My A in Biology
Pee pee
Contradictions. (Hot ugly guys.)

9. How do your friends impersonate you?
"Oookaaay..." Also that face you make when you think a guy's cute.
"I KNOW!!!!!!"
"Waaaaaah, I whine about dumb stuff no one cares about!"
"I wan'a boyfriend!"

10. What's fun?
Crazy SGA school-domination schemes
Results may vary
Eating cheese or pbj sandwiches excessively
Cooking and sewing!!!
Going to NY w/ friends...hee hee! <3

11. In a picture of you when you were around age 6-10, you would be...
Holding a softball bat, possibly missing a tooth.
Wearing a soccer jersey, with long hair, possibly missing a tooth.
Smiling Tyler-like, with braided hair, possibly missing a tooth.
Fat. Probably not missing a tooth.
Wearing some period costume with your sister.
In a froofy dress with curled hair, most likely missing a tooth.

12. Most of your personal AIM icons have been...
Something artsy you made yourself
A sheep on fire
One of those icons AOL makes you choose from
Something horse-related
Something cute and animeish
Something promoting a band you like

13. What's your essential cosmetic device?
Eye make-up
Blow dryer

14. Right now, the job you're looking at for your future is...
Translator or psychologist

15. And finally...what are your initials?
(Wow, that's weird...major patterns there...)