May 29, 2004

Updates for Hyung-taekim.org by raechell;
Time: 3:45 PM; Comments: one

On a very, very short hiatus until next month.

I tried making a new layout but it looked crappies. So I’ll just leave the told one up until I’m inspired again.

I had to find a new host for most of the images on Hyung-taekim.org. I exceeded my bandwidth by 10gigs. But my wonderful boyfriend bought me some space from Myimgs.com in hopes of helping me with my bandwidth problem. If this doesn’t help me (I don’t see why it wouldn’t!) I don’t know what I’ll do. =( Hyung-taekim.org may have to be shut down, but let’s hope for the best.

May 23, 2004

Updates for Hyung-taekim.org by raechell;
Time: 12:05 PM; Comments: none

More Magnacarta: Crimson Stigmata pictures up. =)

Edit- added more Magnacarta concept illustrations + OXIDE

May 18, 2004

Updates for Hyung-taekim.org by raechell;
Time: 3:43 PM; Comments: one

From Softmax:

On July 4th, Softmax Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony with Banpresto Co.,Ltd. , video game publisher in Bandai group, and Banpresoft Co., Ltd., an affiliate company of Banpresto, to commence on a joint project. It includes that both parties cooperate to develop a video game software for PS2 and release in Japan, Europe and U.S.

Currently, master plan for the game software reaches completion and set to development in earnest. The game software, title undedided yet, will be released in Japan in Feb. 2004 and also in Europe and U.S. in the first half of 2004. Besides, it will go on sale in Korea same time with Japan, for PC platform too.

This new title is a SRPG, based on ‘Magna Carta’ which is a RPG Softmax released last year. However, it will be wholly different from the original RPG with the new story and system and optimized to high quality of PS2. For this joint project, Softamx takes charge of planning/scenario, total software development, publishing for Korea and other Asian markets, and character business in Korea. Banpresto takes charge of investment to software development, publishing for Japan and western markets, character business in Japan. In addition, gross investment reaches US$3.8million and profit will be devided between both parties in proportion to investment sharing.

For Softmax, totally about US$9.8million of sale is expected including US$5 million of royalty, direct income form gaem software, and additional income regarding character business. This is a record-high size in exports of game software and about US$830,000 of sale will be generated this year.

So, with that bit of awesome news, I’ve updated with Magnacarta: Crimson Stigmata images! Just go to the ‘Art’ section and view the concept art under Magnacarta: Crimson Stigmata. =)

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