Update Bucket 2007-07-12T00:16:53Z Copyright 2007 WordPress raechell <![CDATA[Full version of NSFW Robot Vol 5 girl]]> http://updates.whisperslip.nu/?p=19 2007-07-12T00:16:53Z 2007-07-12T00:16:53Z H-tk.org Enjoy.


raechell <![CDATA[Reuploaded two + two new]]> http://updates.whisperslip.nu/?p=18 2007-07-04T06:37:38Z 2007-07-04T06:37:38Z H-tk.org Reuploaded the following:
- UltraJump Megamix Vol 2 cover
- Image from OXIDE2 (Korean)

NEW images:
- OXIDE2 cover
- New Mr. Kim picture

Please look under the “Artwork” forum to see some new important stickies.

raechell <![CDATA[Forum + new page]]> http://updates.whisperslip.nu/?p=17 2007-05-11T22:19:53Z 2007-05-11T22:19:53Z H-tk.org I’ve added a forum so information regarding Hyung-tae Kim can be easily found.

I also put up an interview page, which is still in the works.

raechell <![CDATA[New & improved Hyung-taekim.org]]> http://updates.whisperslip.nu/?p=16 2007-04-29T04:55:41Z 2007-04-29T04:55:41Z H-tk.org I’ve done the following:
- new layout
- improved merchandise page
- updated link page
- updated FAQ page
- updated help page

I’ve added these images to the gallery:

  • click (Korean Illustration cover)
  • click (Agreian, featured in CGLand iCon Magazine January 2007)
  • click (Agreian, featured in CGLand iCon Magazine January 2007)
  • click (UltraJump MegaMix Vol 2. small image, don’t get too excited.)
  • click (full version of Range Murata Robot 5’s orange+blue girl)
  • click (Mr. Kim)
  • click (Mr. Kim again)
  • click (full version of Calintz from Oxide2x)

Go check it out!!

raechell <![CDATA[New Range Murata Robot 5 Image]]> http://updates.whisperslip.nu/?p=15 2006-10-09T04:54:08Z 2006-10-09T04:54:08Z H-tk.org Please view at your own risk. NSFW.

raechell <![CDATA[Muezk@LJ]]> http://updates.whisperslip.nu/?p=14 2006-08-27T03:14:14Z 2006-08-27T03:14:14Z Muezk http://community.livejournal.com/muezk

Please join if you’re an LJ user and don’t want the hassle of having to visit at muezk.whisperslip.nu. ;)