Naruto is the loudest in the series, he is hyper active, and very annoying. He often jumps into battle without thinking. When he was a child, the 9 tails demon fox was sealed into his body. Because of this, everyone was scared of him, and he became and outcast, he has no parents and has a very sad life, but even with all this he allways manages to keep his chin up and be confident. His goal in life is to become Leaf Village's Hokage so everyone will acknowlage him. The only thing standing in his way is himself. Naruto has a strong bond with Iruka, the ninja who let him graduate, be cause iruka also had no parents when growing up. Naruto loves ramen, he is litterally obsessed with it! this is where the hyper active part of him comes in...i wont get into that. He has a crush on Sakura Chan, and rivals Uchiha Sasuke.

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