♥ characters
Yota Moteuchi is a high school student known among his peers as 'Dateless'. Living all by himself in Tokyo, his mother dead and his father working as an artist in Paris, Yota's only real friend is Takashi Niimai, who attends Kannai High School with him.
Yota is a very shy boy, and having a huge crush on Moemi Hayakawa doesn't help. But as the story goes on, Moemi and Takashi start dating, and Yota soon realizes that maybe Moemi-chan will never love him like he does her. Yota is then pulled into a love triangle with Ai and Nobuko, and as the story proceeds, Yota's love for Nobuko grows and grows.

Takashi Niimai is Yota's best friend. Unlike Yota, Takashi is popular and good with the ladies, but he really has no interest in any of them. He's quite cold and distant, but mainly because of a failed romance that occured during his younger years.
Even though Takashi is cold and distant, he dates Moemi-chan after trying to get Yota to open up to her, which obviously failed. Takashi shows no concern or love for Moemi-chan, and they break up soon after. Of course Takashi doesn't care, but it did make him realize that if he's going to be in a relationship he best care, or he will end up breaking a lot of hearts.

Ai Amano is a sixteen year old Video Girl who's upbeat and a class A motivator. Meeting Yota for the first time when he rents her tape from Gokuraku, they form a bond like siblings. Ai perks Yota up when he's down, helps him with his love life, and cooks horrible meals for him. Who wouldn't love someone who swears and makes dirty jokes?
But as Ai helps Yota with his love interest, Moemi Hayakawa, she starts to fall for him herself! Being a Video Girl, and only having a limited amount of time for the one who chose their tape, it's forbidden for her to fall in love. Ai struggles to keep her secret, but just as everyone knows, secrets can't be kept forever.

Moemi Hayakawa is a quiet, beautiful, and optimistic girl who, like all other girls, has a thing for Takashi Niimai. But when her and Takashi start to date, she breaks it off, due to the fact he shows no love or care towards her or her feelings.
Moemi, having no idea Yota loves her, seems to like Yota's personality a lot. It's almost as if she see's him as a best friend, due to the fact she's always asking for his help. But being the kind girl that she is, she helps Yota out just as much, wanting only for him to be happy.

Nobuko Nizaki is a very cute and sweet girl who has loved Yota for quite some time. She attends Kannai High with him, and she soon expresses her feelings to him, which leads to her relationship with Yota. As their relationship grows (a certain things happen ~_^), Nobuko tends to get a jealous a lot, especially towards Ai, which conducts complications for Ai.

Old man is his name so far, and not a lot is known about him. He's the owner of Gokuraku, and seems to have a soft spot for Ai and Yota's relationship, hence his kind and gentle exterior. He knows quite a lot about Video Girls and their meaning in life, even though he doesn't seem that close to Rolex, Video Girl's creator.

Rolex is the creator of Video Girls. His heart seems to be made of stone, so he has 'programmed' every Video Girl to dispise the word and meaning of love. He seems to be on the bad side of things, since he wants to get rid of Ai. He doesn't try to do this himself though, so maybe underneath it all he's a good guy. Maybe.

More character profiles will be added soon as soon as Viz releases more graphic novels!