♥ gokuraku
Gokuraku, meaning 'heaven' in Japanese, is a Video Shop that appears in the real world only to males pure of heart. It appears in random places all over world, since there's more than one.
Only one person is seen in Gokuraku, and that's the old man, who's name is a mystery. He's the manager, which means he manages the rental of Video Girl tapes and presents the customer with a membership card.
Gokuraku is a normal looking video store inside and out. Inside it consists of shelves and shelves of video tapes, all which can be rented for free.
Gokuraku, of course, exists in the Video World. It's appearence varies for each individual from the real world who go there, based mainly on the individual's deep desires and pain hidden within. Creators of Gokuraku can also manipulate the appearence and landscape of what the individual sees, subsequently only to hurt the individual.