♥ masakazu katsura
Born December 10, 1962, in Fukui, Japan, Katsura decided that he wanted to be a manga artist. Entering the Osamu Tezuka manga contest, he won, winning a Hi-Fi stereo system for first place.
Katsura didn't want to be totally big, but he'd like to have a name in the manga industry. He started out with some short stories, one being Wingman, which consisted of thirteen volumes. The series was formed into a TV series, but wasn't very popular.
Katsura was admitted to a hospital, and during that time he changed his manga style. He did a couple of short stories and tried to make a couple of longer manga, but the public disregarded them (Vander and Present From Lemon).
He then released two collections in 1989 of his short stories which included Video Girl. This manga launched a new series in Shonen Jump (called Video Girl Ai) and is what gave Katsura the praise he deserved.
Katsura also tried a short sequel to Video Girl called Video Girl Len. It didn't make it big, though But Video Girl, with fifteen volumes and a six episode OAV series, was one of the biggest successes of Katsura's works. The team working with Katsura on Video Girl includes many famous mangaka such as director Mazuho Nishikuno (Heavenly Shurato and Miyuki), character designer Takayuki Goto (Please Save My Earth, Blue Seed, KGOrange Road: Summer's Beginning), and Megumi Hayashibara as the voice of Ai (female Ranma from Ranma 1/2, Nuku Nuku from Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, and Pai from 3x3 Eyes).
Katsura started moving on to a more science fiction type. DNA2, released in 1994, was Katsura's next public product. It caught the public's attention for a while, but then faded out after five volumes of manga. DNA2 was also turned into a fifteen episode anime, which has been one of the biggest hits of his works so far.
Trying to revise his career, Katsura tried a almost Batman-like parody called Shadow Lady. Released in 1995, it only lasted three mangas.
Katsura and Studio K2R collaborate in 1997 and release a romantic comedy called I"s in Weekly Shounen Jump. Fifteen volumes and a soon to be anime series, I"s becamse quite popular.
Recently, in 2001, Katsura returned to release a short story about a vampire with healing powers called Dr. Chambari.