♥ merchandise
There isn't a lot of Video Girl Ai merchandise out there, nor is most of it easy to get a hold of. But here are some places I've found that have in-stock Video Girl Ai merchandise for an otaku's needs.

        ♥ Posters - $4.50 each
        ♥ Ai resin statue - $119.99
        ♥ Random items
        ♥ Imported manga - $5.57 each
        ♥ Cels - $200-300

Here's some information on the out of stock or not available in stores merchandise. These items may be available on eBay or a Japanese site.

Original Soundtrack Vol One
  ♥ Running time of 39:51
  ♥ Ten tracks
Tracks available on soundtrack: 1. Ureshi Namida (Happy Tears)
2. Ano Hi ni... (To That Day...)
3. Ashita wa Ashita (Tomorrow is Tomorrow)
4. Messeji (Message)
5. Glass Moon
6. Theme of Takashi
7. Kanashimi no Tamashii o Tsumugu Mono (Spinner of the Soul of Sadness)
8. Master of Gokuraku
9. Searching for Ai
10. Suki Nandesu (Because I Love You)

Original Soundtrack Vol Two
  ♥ Running time of 46:15
  ♥ Seventeen tracks
Tracks available on soundtrack:
1. Prologue - Answering Phone I
2. Ai Love You
3. Long Telephone Call I
4. Banka no Furu Niwa (Late Summer's Falling Garden)
5. Long Telephone Call 2
6. Kokoro no Mizu Tamari (Puddle of the Heart)
7. Long Telephone Call 3
8. Takashi's Theme II
9. Long Telephone Call 4
10. Mada Minu Yume (Dream Not Yet Seen)
11. Long Telephone Call 5
12. Frozen Flower
13. Long Telephone Call 6
14. U-re-shi-na-mi-da
15. Scene 7: Na-gu-sa-me-te-a-ge-ru (I Will Comfort You)
16. Kimi no Niji (Your Rainbow)
17. Omake: Ai to Moemi no Rusuden Message (Extra: Ai and Moemi's Answering Message)

Live Action Movie
Oh, I hate live actions.
Anyway, a live action movie of Video Girl Ai. Ai Amano is played by Kaori Sakagami and Yota is played by Ken Osawa. A second live action was also made in Hong Kong. Both were never imported to America.