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My Host! ^_^ Thank you!

Etcetra Wallpapers is made by Cyndi. All the wallpapers belong to her and their rightful owners.
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12212002 ][ 3 new wallpapers has been uploaded. One new Chobits wallpaper featuring Orange Chii (requested from someone) and 2 new Weiss Kreuz featuring Ken and the other the Weiss Group. More to come.

11012002 ][ Sever change! So some stuff are not in order. If you notice any broken links or images please imform me. Someone requested a .hack//sign wallpaper and there you have it! Sorry for the long wait but I had to prepared the images and stuff. The new wallpapers are : .hack//sign , Weiss Kreuz , and Edison Chen. Enjoy! Feel free to reuqest any wallpapers. I'll try my best to make them. Saynara.