03/03/2003 Entry: "Uhhh... lol..."

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OMG, ROTFLMAO. My layout is 'deticated' to my boyfrined. XD Bssh, either I can't spell worth shit or I'm just stupid. Haha. MUST CHANGE THE TOP IMAGE OF TEH LAYOUT. :o I'm expecting to see this on Shuichi's blog, lmao. Oooo... I'm in a good mood. ^_^ Sick as a stupid mutt, though. Runny nose, headache, frozen feet... It'll all add up the to flu or strepthroat later on... x___x

Ooo, I've been 'enhancing' my 'psychic skills'. Whenever I get home BEWARE that you will get spammed by me just so I can show you. It's really neat, I've never done anything like this before. =D

Ever~yon~e, go sign up at Fly Away To Today! :D I'm seraph three on there, just so ya know.

Coftia, uhh... 3Ds Max... is that the one I sent you? If so, uh... I think it's best that you know that it has a virus on it, lmao. I found that out, like, a few months ago, but I never thought you used it, so I never thought about telling you. ;x Ehh... just run Norton Antivirus, and it should get rid of it. If you need Norton Antivirus I can send it to ya, haha. :D Just tell me on AIM or through teh comments.

When I get home I'll plug layouts... I gotta go now. Bell's about to ring. :o

[EDIT] Don't you hate it when you lose trust in someone?

... Anyway, plugs: One & two.

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lovin the new layout!!!
nozomi // 03/03/03 // 06:00 PM

awesome layout hun :D! i know my graphic looks like sumthin gaile made. but i made it O_O!!! believe it or not

coftia // 03/03/03 // 04:56 PM