03/17/2003 Entry: "OMG XD XD"

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OMG, guess what?! Steven Price came back to school today! ^^ As almost all of you don't know, Steven was in Crossroads/Gateway (a place for bad little kids) for over three months because 1) he threatened to kill Evette, 2) was caught with a knife, CD player, and drugs, and 3) wrote hate letters to Evette that had to do with killing and raping her.

BUT HE'S ALL GOOD NOW! :D He supposidly stopped doing drugs, but he still wants to sell them. o_O And he bleached his hair... It's, like, this bright bright yellow... It glows, I'm serious. I actually think the white would've looked better. But anyway, he doesn't look any different besides the hair... He's skin is red a lot though, it's really weird. But I just had to give him a hug! I actually missed him... We started getting really 'close' after he went to Crossroads/Gateway (we talked on the Internet).

Anyway, I have to go back to finishing up my world geo. project. I'll blog later. :]

Edit @ 10:00 PM Oohhh great. Jason's most likely going to be switching to a Dalton high school next year, plus Carisa is probably gonna start going to a Ringgold/Rossville high school. Plus, my family may be moving to Atlanta. :] How beautiful, I'm finally at the state of emergency... My life is finally and totally crumbling.

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Mother... new job... more money. That's all that seems to matter now, but maybe I can changer her mind... maybe.
Raechell // 03/19/03 // 01:51 PM

Moving? Why?

Val // 03/19/03 // 02:51 AM

WHA? You're moving? Is it true hun? ;_; I know it hurts. I just went through that crap.

World geo. XD Reminds me of those horrible maps of towns we had to make.

Misaki // 03/18/03 // 10:46 PM

your moving!? it must be hard...all your friends and stuff...

nozomi // 03/18/03 // 07:36 PM

thats good :d

coftia // 03/18/03 // 03:57 PM