03/28/2003 Entry: "ehehehee!"

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Damn, my friends can't go to my dad's, and I can't go to FL. ;_; I'm sorry, Nozomi! But I'm still going to ask my dad about it... But I have a doubt he'll say yes, cuz I'm going to be going to NY this summer with my stepmother. And he thinks going on two 'vacations' a year is a waste of money. Loser.

But somehow, someway... I plan to meet at least ONE of my online friends this year. Maybe Jacob, maybe Nia... i don't know. Depends on how far my mother wants to drive. x.x I haven't even asked her about it, actually... lol.

MY FRIENDS ARE COMING OVER TODAY!... And for some reason I'm uber nervous. o_O; But, don't worry, Rune, I'ma still install Greymatter for you! It's really easy to use. Sooner or later I may switch over to b2, just to try it out. So, if you ever want help with that, don't be shy at asking me.

Rikku~ get online and tell me where you want me to put the title on your layout! I don't know where to put it. T_T

Oh oh oh! Misaki made me a button! I'm glad you like my layout so much it inspired you, hehe. ^^ Thanks.

The day before yesterday I called my bestfriend from elementary school, Dustin Brown. I was expecting him and I to have a nice conversation like we did in seventh grade, BUT NO. His dad said that Kathleen, Schyler, and I had all 'hurt' him, and that I should call him back another time. UH, NO. I'm more stubborn then that! So I asked him, "What did we do?" He kinda hesitated, but then told me, "You guys made fun of his mother's foot (she has polo), Dustin himself, and his glasses." Uhhh... no. I would *NEVER* make fun of someone who has a disease, plus I liked Dustin! WTF? Gaw... I almost started crying I felt so bad. I hate when people don't believe you when you're actually telling the truth. And anyway, why did Dustin never say anything about this in seventh grade? Bssh. Maybe it's just because he's so shy. :\ I dunno... I hope so, cuz I'm still feeling bad.

I'll just try to call in a few weeks... and be 'sincere'... as his dad said.

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