04/10/2003 Entry: "ugh, atl"

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Okay, so we did go to Atlanta. And, well, it sucked. x] I'm not going to lie and say I had a good time, because I didn't. I ended up talking to only Carisa, occasionally Michael (Jason's brother), and the other times just stayed to myself. I guess it wasn't 100% horrible, but I'd never do it again with the three of them... only Carisa. She promised me when we're older we'll both ride up there together and shop, shop, shop... because then we should have more than just $60. xD

Well, all I can say right now is that I don't even wanna talk/see Jason and Ivan... Carisa even feels the same. O_O;; I'm not sure if we both are a little too aware of how Jason and Ivan are, or we're just too 'emotional'. I dunno, but I don't think I can ever be happy with them. I feel so... bad saying that... But... I dunno... It's so hard to take this, ya know? And I know by tomorrow I'll just bottle these emotions up and say, "Oh, they love you, Rachel. They like talking to you." I'm just lying to myself... but at least I know I try talking to them. And since it seems that they like to ignore my phone calls, get busy at the moment I try talking, etc. etc... I'm just not going to try anymore. ::Shrugs.::

Eh... whatever. x.x I feel sick from that vanilla latte. I'm out.

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Awwww, that sux. *hugs* =]
Karl-chan // 04/14/03 // 04:51 PM

<3 pls

coftia // 04/12/03 // 02:58 AM

i'm really enjoying your site! everything looks great! i'll be back!

donna // 04/11/03 // 05:43 PM

Thanks for commenting on my blog. ^^ And feel better, kays? Hey I was wondering if you'd mind if I used the name 'Runecheru' on MSN, I think its cute. xD

Rune // 04/11/03 // 04:35 PM

*#*<33333 RAE <33333*#*

Alicia // 04/11/03 // 02:50 PM

:( that sucks...i really hope things get better for ya.

steena // 04/11/03 // 12:01 PM

*BIG HUG* I'm so sorry sweetie. :(

Val // 04/10/03 // 11:55 PM

awww...<3 poor raechu we wuv yuu

nozomi // 04/10/03 // 10:59 PM

Awwwww *glomps rae-chan*

Ashley // 04/10/03 // 10:33 PM