04/18/2003 Entry: "eh... uhmmm"

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I really like this layout... but it lags because of all these filters. ;/ I'll try to fix this, but I don't think it's possible.

Ehmm... had a great day today. Saturday school tomorrow, though. At least Jason will be there.

No time to blog... I must catch up with some people, post on forums, and find music to download. I'll plug people later. :D

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Err wtf.. I put it on your '?? confused' entry and it put my comment here.. neh.
Rune // 04/22/03 // 12:48 AM

Your sisters either immature.. or going bi. Creepy.

Rune // 04/22/03 // 12:47 AM

I have 2 Saturday schools, hehe. :D One tomorrow and one next Saturday. yAY for Rae. ;/

Raechell // 04/18/03 // 10:14 PM

Today was pretty good. =D And I thought that we were going to do the Sat.Skools next saturday.. x.o (You, Jason, and I)

Oh and, any forums hosted by me are down, lol.

Ivan // 04/18/03 // 09:05 PM