05/24/2003 Entry: "hal-le-lu-ja"

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... It's summer time~! My last day of being a freshman left me going home 'secretely' and regurgitating my dinner. I'll just leave it at the fact it sucked hardcore, and I honestly need to talk to Carisa about it, since she wasn't there with me when all this immature/stupid/mean/confusing stuff happened. I guess you can guess who was there with me. ::Points to the information about her best friends.::

This is pretty much what happened (summed up):

I'll start off with Thursday. Ivan was supposed to come over, but at the last minute plans were changed. I got upset because I really wanted him to come over. So I just stayed away from him for that half-day because I didn't want to say something I'd regret later on. After I went home he came over randomly, and he stayed at my house for about six hours. We talked and had a good time.
Friday comes. At school Ivan totally ignores my presence. I assume something's on his mind or he's angry or something, so I don't bother him because I wouldn't want people bothering me when I'm mad. So him and Jason come over to my house... It's really boring, and Ivan's still 'ignoring' me. Jason's hyper and happy, like always. We all go to Jason's brother's graduation... Then we go to Jason's house, where we get to meet all his relatives. Jason introduces me as Rachel the "stupid ditzy" girl and that you shouldn't listen to anything I say. I call my mother and leave secretely. I regurgitate my dinner because I feel so useless, then go to bed.

Yup yup. My summer's going to suck, thanks to those two. =D I seem like I don't care, but I really do. I'm just going to be easy-going about it until Ivan tells me what the fuck is up, since he's the one I really care about the most. He really made me feel... used... ... ;_; ... I'm really confused.

I guess I could understand why Jason was dissing me... He was trying to impress his relatives by making fun of me which would make him sound funny. Why me? He should've just went ahead and introduced Ivan as a dirty Mexican. Jason must really hate me... ... And for some reason I really don't care. =\

But whatever. SUMMER'S HERE, and I need some clothes. -_-

Oh oh~ here's that nifty inferno test. I took it. :]

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