06/09/2003 Entry: "just a feeling... la la la"

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Guess what? New layout @ wS.nu! I'm semi-content with it... For some reason it doesn't really float my boat. x_x But I'll try not to change it any time soon. I hope everyone else likes it tho. I'm happy to get away from the fiery Bjork layout. All I want are happy layouts now. There's something wrong with me. >\ Neeee.

Besides my plug, there's a lotta other plugs for all my wonderful friends out there~

Alicia - Wow, your boyfriend's going to COLLEGE? Damn. o_o I couldn't handle the seperation. I'm almost in tears (literally) if I miss one day without talking to Ivan. So I'm a baby. ^^;;
Aya-Chan - Both of the layouts look wonderful! You haven't been on AIM lately, nor have I. :\ I really need to catch up with people.
Cathy - Damn, chick, you change layouts a lot. x.x But I like this one a lot. It's one of my new favourite designing styles. =D!
Kawaii - YOU'RE BACK!! ::Glompu.::
Nozomi - I miss talking to you. -_-
Rikku - Wow, thank you for dedicating that layout to me! You're so sweet. ::Glompu.:: I'm always here to help you, you know. ;D
Steena - Weee~ the new layout's so purdy. :3 The colours are very nice.

I rented three animes: Animatrix, Spriggan, and X: The Movie. I'm going to watch 'em all today, if I can. I can't wait to see X, a lot of people said it was REALLY good!

I know some of you use IRC, and if you don't mind, can you tell me what servers and channels you go to download manga? The only one I've really gone under is #Manga_Project under MIRC-X. The queuse are always full! X.x It's annoying. So, if you know of any other channels, please tell me!

Tomorrow's Tuesday, no? O.O I may get my eyebrow pierced... I don't know yet. I keep having second thoughts. The only reason why I don't want to get it pierced is because if I take it out, I'll have a scar on my face. That's not very attractive. =\ And besides that, eyebrow piercings get infected REALLY easy. My ears get infected after wearing earrings for over an hour, so God only knows how quick my eyebrow will get infect.

I need more time to think about this... At least while I work. =P ::Skips off.::

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Alicia // 06/16/03 // 05:20 PM

this is just too amazing rae *_*

coftia // 06/12/03 // 10:23 PM

wowie~~ nice layout at ws.nu! It's so pretty and pink! Thanks for the plug too!

Rikku // 06/10/03 // 06:53 PM

omg, your domain is so pretty o.o

thanks for the plug too^^

steena // 06/10/03 // 12:16 PM

O yea! Really pretty layout!

Alicia // 06/10/03 // 12:28 AM

O mygod rae im so stressed out right now about my bf and his stank attiude he thinks he's tite now becuz hes a graduating senior. And he kept on playing phone tag with me today! Jesus! He kept haning up on me on purpose. And guess what im not even going to his graduation. He blames me for forgettinghis Police academy graduation so he isnt aking me to his what a bitch!

Alicia // 06/10/03 // 12:27 AM