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I got back from a vacation with my sister and mother a couple of days ago. We left for Alabama Friday. Before we left I went to go get my permit, and I failed the test... again. -_- I have to wait a month to take it again. Proves how lazy I am when it comes to studying. =P

In Alabama all we really did was shop and eat at expensive restaurants. I bought something at almost every clothes store we went into... pants, shirt, jackets, panties, belts, perfume... I got it all.

Alabama only seemed to have seafood, steak, and fast food restaurants, but we managed to find a nice European one. This was probably my favourite time out of the whole trip. I got to get to know my family better, and they got to know me. I was told a few things that I'll probably never forget, and really... I think they'll help me get through life easier.

The day before we left to go home, we visited a drive-through 'zoo'. It was fun because all Caity and I really did was harass the animals. XD The only one that really scared me was this huge, ass ugly ostrich. It kept stalking our car. And at one time, it stuck it's head in the back of the car where I was and tried to peck me! o.O! I wanted to hit it with my shoe, but before I got to, my mother drove off. She ruined the fun of it.

Also, in Alabama, I found out TechTV plays anime!! I got to watch Layer 07 of Lain again. ^_^ I really want to buy the DVD box set... You should see my VHS set... All ragged and torn.

I was going to buy a few animes, but instead I bought books. ^^ I bought Flipped by Van Draanen, Pieces by Stephen Chbosky (yay!), and You Don't Know Me by... someone, but I forgot their name. :3 I've already read Flipped, and it was okay. It was for a younger age group, I could tell.

Well, we left early Sunday to come home because I think we all were missing home. I know I was. Whenever I got home I immediately got on AIM (which is rare since I never feel like talking to people anymore) to talk to people. Of course I didn't stay on long... But it surprised me a little.

Then the day after we got back home (or yesterday) I felt very... melancholy. Or maybe I was just bored. I'm not really sure, but I wanted to go somewhere where no one knew my family and I. I like that feeling, because I don't have to worry about running into someone I know. I don't have to worry about what they think about me because I don't really care because they don't know me. It's a nice feeling, and I miss it. I don't want to stay here anymore... I want to start anew. I want to make new friends and find a new boyfriend (or maybe no boyfriend at all!) and live in a new house with a new car. I sound crazy, don't I? Hmph. Maybe I am. :S

Ah, anyway... I feel like working today. Tomorrow I'll blog bounce and try to keep myself on AIM. I really should start talking to my online friends more... Whether they care or not.

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I wanna go to America! :'(. MMM fast food!
Karl // 06/18/03 // 04:23 PM

Silly girl, I didn't break up with Ivan!! ^^;; And I don't want to.

Raechell // 06/18/03 // 10:05 AM

yum... seafood and fast food.

coftia // 06/18/03 // 12:41 AM

rae, you broke up with Ivan? O.x?? I hope you feel better soon! Please be on AIM often so that we can talk! heehee and don't send me any letters because i'm moving soon. When i move, i'll write to you... okie?

Rikku // 06/17/03 // 09:48 PM

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