06/23/2003 Entry: "Mexico"

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So, Ivan left to Mexico today. I was planned to go with him, but my dad said I couldn't. I'm really gonna miss him. I already do. Two weeks is a long time... I'm gonna be bored. I have nothing to wake up to, which is somewhat good, because maybe I can finally sleep 'til 11am. ^^

There's plugs 'n' some new updates about my boring life, but I don't feel like blogging right now. Maybe tomorrow.

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Whoooo hey gurl! Don't be shy of me! I don't bite! *HUGZ!* Awwww...you could write Ivan letters or something, & tell him how much he's missing out on all the fun YOU'RE enjoying LOL. & sure I'd LOVE to affie! I'd be honoured! *dances!*
Lilithia! // 07/03/03 // 05:38 AM

wow. your site is great. i love the layout, it's so kyo0t ^__________^

Leanne // 07/02/03 // 01:53 AM

What a cute place! ^^;

:( sorry you couldn't go to Mexico.. two weeks! It won't be long :)

Koutaru // 07/01/03 // 01:31 PM

ah. poor rae. You must wake up and talk to loony old me online!!!!

Rikku // 06/24/03 // 10:19 PM

Hope to see you on AIM! But my comp is getting all screwy.... =(

Misaki // 06/24/03 // 06:42 PM

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