07/03/2003 Entry: "one week"

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Ivan-chan called me today from Mexico!! ::Dances.:: And I actually wasn't nervous! I usually get nervous when I'm on the phone with him, but this time I wasn't. I guess I was just filled with so much excitement I had nothing to be worried about. ^^

Anywho, I got his number and I'm going to call him back tomorrow with my uber spiffy 60 minute calling card. I honestly have nothing to talk about with him, but I can't wait to listen to what he's been doing down in Mexico. So far he's told me he's bought my family and I a few things, traveled all around Zacatecas (that's where he's staying, dur), got a chihuahua, and was just wondering what's going on in the Internet world. I also wished him a happy belated birthday (which was on June 29). I made him two cards -- a 'digital' one (click) and a real one. I've also bought him two presents so far, and I just need one more to complete it. I'm also baking him a cake because he told me he hasn't had a birthday cake for over three years. So, I just thought this'd be something a little special, hm? :D

Well, one more week 'til he comes back home. Just one more week.

I just got cable recently and I love it. I've been downloading movies and episodes like crazy!! So far I've downloaded ep 1-21 of Wolf's Rain ('tis the shiznat), Fight Club (I LOVE this movie!), Desperado, Road Trip (gay movie), Boogiepop ep 5 & 6, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke (I used to own this, but someone stole it), Fruits Basket 20-26, Samurai X, and Now & Then, Here & There (I've already seen it but I wanna see it again :D).

So, I've completed Fruits Basket. What a sad, sad series. I cried... a lot. The last two episodes were so, so, so sad. Every minute when there was silence I thought something worse was going to happen. I always thought Tohru was going to say something very unlike her to someone. What an emotional anime.

As for Wolf's Rain, it's great! I can't wait to see more episodes~ I don't wanna wait any longer. ;_; The animation is AMAZING and the plot is very unique. And, I know I don't usually say stuff like this, but Kiba is like... ::Drools.::

I have yet to watch the other anime's. As for Fight Club and Desperado, I recommend you people to download them. GREAT movies.

For some reason I'm in the mood to write a story. I want to submit one to the Junior Author's Writing Contest (I think) next year. Why? I don't know. This is so unlike me.

But before I leave!... Here are the plugs~

Kawaii, Rikku, Ruu, and Exasperation.net (beautiful layout!).

And I have done link exchanges with these sweet people: Joey, Koutaru, Lilithia, and Leanne.

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pooweetee layout. ;)
tricia // 07/12/03 // 03:40 AM

hehe rae chu i loe the layout! it reminds me of ummmm turn tables and chocolate icecream!

alicia // 07/09/03 // 07:15 PM

whoa! I just kept staring at all the effects and I just got hit in the face with it! XD It looks so awesome!!!!!!!!!! Whoa! You got so much stuff with Kazaa? How come whatever I download goes so slow? (even if I have cable. x_x) Glad you loved FB. I loved it super-muchie. ^^ WAAAAAAAAAAH! And you're getting Laputa??? It is VEEEEEEEEEERY good! Tell me after you watched it. =) It is my favourite Studio Ghibli movie. Laputa's music is one of the best. =D

Misaki // 07/09/03 // 02:41 PM

I like the new layout as well! I'm jealous that you've got cable though... XP Hope you have fun with Ivan when he gets back. xD

jess // 07/05/03 // 03:20 AM

I love this layout! XDDD good job Rae-chan *glomp*

Kawaii // 07/04/03 // 07:08 PM

Loving the layout ^^; nice overall design!! It's the little things that make it look great.

I remember when I first got cable ^^ suddenly the doors opened! LOL have fun with it!

Koutaru // 07/03/03 // 11:52 PM

Pwetty layout. <3 to you wifey.

Rune // 07/03/03 // 10:01 PM

OMG!~ i <3 this layout. very nice. mweehee~ and ty for the pluggie ^^. I hope that Ivan comes to GA soon so that you'll be happy with him!

Rikku // 07/03/03 // 09:47 PM

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