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Ever did a system restore and forgot to back up your documents? Yup, that's exactly what I did. Lost all my new layouts... Lost my new Hyung-Tae Kim images... Lost old conversations... Lost my Photoshop brushes, tutorials, and creations... Lost all my tutorials...

I'm sorta depressed, but then again I'm not. I guess I feel like now I can start anew... And everything will be okay. But then again, I don't know... Maybe I don't wanna start over.

This is a definite hiatus. I feel totally lost. I feel like a loser. This will take some time for me to get over.

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jeez i know how youe feel raech. thats happened to me before when i had my 93' packard bell. i had alot of files that i used and they were all gone. i know that had to drive you insane.
alicia // 07/24/03 // 12:34 AM

*gasp* .. that must have been terrible! Well, you should put out a hiatus >.< but start restoring everything again yourself. It'll take time but at the end :) you know you want to. Right? RIGHT? xD

Koutaru // 07/23/03 // 04:45 PM

I'm so sorry babe to hear about the lost files. You're not a loser! I've always thought you were the greatest. *hugs*

Val // 07/23/03 // 03:21 PM

awwwwww, that really sucks >.< i'm sorry. i hope the hiatus is over soon though...

steena // 07/23/03 // 09:47 AM

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