08/01/2003 Entry: "this semester sucks"

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I got my schedule and I want to kill the school. They only gave me two class I asked for... and one I didn't ask for. x_x Here's what I have (which will be changed, I promise you):

Semester 1:
01 Japanese I // 02 Art I // 03 Geometry // 04 Eco/Civics

Semester 2:
01 Japanese II // 02 Literature // 03 Biology // 04 Nutri & Wellness

I asked for Japanese and Art, and I got it. I wanna learn Japanese 'n' all... but Spanish would be so good for me learn. My boyfriend's family, you know? ;_; I dunno... *Thinks about it*

Anywho, I DID NOT ask for Nutri & Wellness... Wtf. So I filled out my little 'complaint' form and I'm sending it in, telling them to switch Nutri & Wellness for Web Page Design. It really pisses me off, because I know a lot of people who didn't ask for Web Page Design, yet they got it anyway. Ugh.

I also asked for two other classes, Intro to Multimedia (I think) and Info On Systems I. WHHHYY is my school so unorganized? x_x Ugh. *Sigh*

Well, so far I know I got two classes with Ivan: Japanese I & II. Yay! ... Yeah. o.o K, I gotta go ready to shop, so bai bai. =D

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hehe.... what cool courses you have!!!!! How come we have to take all these stupid things? o_o Good luck! School sucks.... =( I hate it when they don't give me the course I want. That happened to me twice last year. I had to go to the guidance wuite a lot. x_x
Misaki // 08/05/03 // 02:54 PM

hey, it's rikku. Good luck in Japanese! for me, it's so hard x.x But it's good to know a 2nd language or know lots of languages!

Subaru // 08/02/03 // 07:55 PM

You're so lucky you have the opportunity to learn Japanese in high school. The only languages they offered when I went to hs were French and Spanish. :(

Val // 08/02/03 // 03:34 AM

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