08/07/2003 Entry: "NOOO~!"

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Plugs for me at whisperSlip.nu and Hyung-taekim.org! Wewt!! New layout for this thing soon. I'm tired of this layout.

School starts tomorrow. *Cries* I don't wanna gooo.

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Sure! I'd love to exchange links! Tee-hee!
Azumi // 08/09/03 // 11:18 AM

your such a bootie hole rae ruu! your layout is really nice! i love spaceagge looking art, so wonderful to look at and it always seems you work well with blue layouts, you make blue seem so nice and soothing! lol

alicia // 08/08/03 // 07:08 PM

Aww, don't feel too bad about going to school, mine started on the 7th and my school doesn't teach any foreign language other than spanish and french >.<

Azumi // 08/08/03 // 04:58 PM

her guestbook never works. i remember when it did. it was purple then o.o

stevie // 08/07/03 // 10:42 PM

Oooh, such lovely layouts, as always ^_^ School's starting already for you? Yeep, i'm just happy I finally got my schedule .-.

It'll be fine once you start getting back into the habit of going! ^^ <3

Ash // 08/07/03 // 05:09 PM

lovely purpleness! your gbook isn't working for me though -_-;;

aww, don't worry, school will be all right :D!

jenn // 08/07/03 // 03:34 PM

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