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Edit Pluggies~! Alicia, Donna, Jennifer, Joey, Kawaii/Karen, Nia (HEY! YOU THINK I FORGOT YOUR BDAY? XD YOU HO! Kehehhee, this is foh you! ;D), Valerie (You're BACK! *hugs* Your layout is WONDERFUL! I really liked your previous entry... and I'm glad you're doing what you want to do instead of your parents. Good choice. =D), and Yumi.

I didn't really expect that I'd have so much homework this year. I think it's because I'm used to having two academic classes each semester with two elective classes each semester. But this semester I DO have two academic classes, but one of my electives I count as an academic class... since we have to bring our books home and we have home work. This class is Civics/Economics. It's the most EVIL class I have EVER been in. *Dies* Couch Burch is okay, but it's just the work... I hate learning about... marketing... money... demand quantity... Stuff like that. Some of the people in the class get on my nerves, too. Mainly the 'preps'... whom I talk and laugh with some of the time. But yesterday they decided to be racist bitches... and what pissed me off the most was that one of my good friends was apart of it. Now, I don't like this Chinese kid named Amus, but for people to make fun of him because of his race really pisses me off.

I was listening in on all of their conversations, and Justin (my good friend) said something to Amus about how Amus had said last year that he couldn't draw. And Amus replied, "I never said that." Okay, so, Amus talks a little funny... who cares? But this really made these 'preps' crack up. And Justin, too. They started making fun of his voice and Justin kept saying in a supposed 'Chinese' voice, "You come here every day!" Over and over and over. And everyone just laughed, while Amus just peered at them, saying, "I never said that" over and over. And then one of the 'preps' just screamed, "Shut up, you fuckin' chinc!"

I remember covering up my mouth in shock, and so did a few of the other 'preps', even though they were giggling about it. I even heard one of them say, "Dude, man... you shouldn't say shit like that. He's got friends, man..."

I don't get people these days... Yeah, racism is a common thing, but I just don't understand how so many people can't understand it's stupid and useless. ;_; I feel like this only happens in my school, even though I know it really doesn't. And even though I don't like Amus, I felt really, really sorry for him. And I even wanted to be him at that moment to feel how humilated and offended he must've been. I don't think I could ever relate.

Changing subject now... since I'm pretty sure everyone has read things similar to this. =\

Well, I know no one really knows this, but over the summer Carisa, Jason and I's friendship just kinda of... 'broke apart'. But now I'm trying to make things better... but so far it's only by writing notes because the phone is a big no and so is talking between classes. There's just no time anymore... It's always homework and studying... >_< Anyway, so far so good! It'll take a while, I know, but I know we'll get there. The GOOD thing I found out is that Jason thinks that we'll be better friends than ever before if we both try. I'm glad to hear this, because I always thought he didn't want that. It's good to be enlightened of things like this. :D

Second period (Art I) is getting better everyday. MRS. MORGAN LIKES ME AND DOESN'T THINK I'M A CRACKHEAD! *Happy* And what's even better is that we got a new person added to the class, and even though he's a senior, he's pretty nice. And he even mentioned Deviantart.com to me! =O I didn't even know that place existed to people at my school... What total ownage! ... But, unforunately, this guy's kinda an ass. He always uses the word "great" in a sarcastic manner A LOT. It's like:

Mrs. Morgan: "Let's use charcole today!"
That kid (Will, I think): "GREAT."

I guess it's okay and all, but he uses is so much it... >_> It's kinda like me and my "WOW", but at least I don't overuse it. He also reminds me of Jakob... and so does this other dude in my fourth period... Just a little weird. x_x

Speaking of Jakob, he told me something really random a few days ago. This is how it went:

Jakob: "I heard a few things about Stephen Holtz from Heather."
Me: "Okay... Like wut?"
Jakob: "Heather told me he's a heavy drinker and a pot smoker."

Uhh... okay? LOL. STEPHEN HOLTZ... A DRINKER AND A POT SMOKER? HAHA. Yeah, right! With HIS parents and the fact that he has asthma and he doesn't care for drugs... that's just silly to lie about something like that. I THINK I'd know, since I went out with him. It's so weird how people can change SO MUCH, seriously (I'm talking about Heather, if you're lost). She's still preachy about God and church, but some of the things she does show how hypocritical she is... like turning around and lying about a FRIEND like that. And, yeah, Stephen and I aren't friends, but that doesn't mean I can't worry about what people say about him, right? Right.

Weird... After rereading that, it makes me wonder if someone would 'stand up' for me if someone talked crap and lies behind my back...

... I'm not going into that... or something else that's on my mind... because I have homework and I don't want to force people to read my lame 'issues'. T-T

Btw, I'll do plugs and stuff tomorrow... I've already browsed through a few blogs and I have a lot of reading to do. And sorry for 'ignoring' and not talking to everyone in so long... My connection is STILL crappy, and a lot of times when I try to talk to people their messeges get sent back to them, my messeges don't get received, and so on. I miss everyone so much. ;_;

I'll try to get it fixed as soon as I can... and even try to find time TO talk... *Hugs all* <3

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wow.. yumi gets a plu *_* and i feel so bad, becauaes i always visit your domain, instead of your spiffay blog x.x; and omg, i HATE racists >___< that is so mean *slaps them* ugh.. *huggus* :3
yumi // 08/23/03 // 08:28 PM

eep, yes, racism sucks >.< i hate it when people make fun of others for stupid reasons like that.

steena // 08/22/03 // 08:54 PM

I am never on AIM much anymore, I am so, so sorry ;_; and I miss you.. Thank you for the birthday graphic, hun. Love ya' lots.

Arisu // 08/22/03 // 08:14 PM

a penis XDD that's so funny. i've heard dick, but not tha biological word lol!!

Azumi // 08/22/03 // 12:48 PM

I feel you on the racism issue. Hope it works out for you, hun!

jenn // 08/22/03 // 10:54 AM

in continuation... sign my new and improved guestbook! haha finally got it up! still some flaws but ill fix that tomorrow its late buh bye!

alicia // 08/22/03 // 02:41 AM

haha hey rae yea racism is teh most cruel and dumbest thing today and its way sad that its still going on. i know its even harder when the people you enjoy talkin with or being with are the ones acting in that rude way. stay sweet dont let them get you down. :)

alicia // 08/22/03 // 12:43 AM

ugh i hate racism nowadays. I got called a racist the other day by my TEACHER. One of my best friends is black and the other is Indian. o_o;;

plus people just go around mocking other people's racist allll the time at my school. (i live in the south....mississippi to be exact. rechneck country >_<) there is this arabic girl who just transferred to my school and the preps call her 'wife of saddam hussein'. it's really mean. well, for more *happier thoughts*

i like gatorade! lol

is it in you Rae? ^_~

Azumi // 08/21/03 // 05:58 PM

Aw sweetie! *hugs* I know what you mean about racist people. That's great that you can't relate to their mind set. It means you're not lacking in intelligence. :) Also, I know what you mean bout your Economics class. That shitz is boring as hell!! (That's probably why I never took it in high school or college!)

Val // 08/21/03 // 11:42 AM

Hey nice layout... i like the blue look going there. =] Well you probably dont remember me but i chatted with you on aim.. s/n: ahaxiv. So be sure to go on sometime. ^^

aaron // 08/21/03 // 02:55 AM

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