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Sunday, December 28th

hehe ^^

music: Faye Wong - Wo Yuen Yi
mood: Lonely

Welp, it seems I've get everything back in order here at perks of a wallflower. ^^ It's good to be back, I guess... I just hope it's worth it. x.o

Let's see, I'm going to start off with what I got for Christmas. Some photos below:

Lots of Asian stuff for my room. big grin

New graphics card from Ivan: Radeon 9600pro. 8D I love it! Neverwinter Nights has never ran so smooth.

A nice sized Hamtaro plushie. I hate Hamtaro, but I'm taking my mom thinks I like it... So I'm not going to say anything. :x

.hack video games from Hebert.

I also got clothes, but I can't take a picture of them because I didn't condition my hair this morning... and well... 'poof'. ^^;

I am still obsessed with Neverwinter Nights, unfortunatly. That game is SO FUN. *Bows* Bioware keeps coming out with expansion packs that make me want to play even more. But I know that when Lineage 2 comes out, I'll move onto that. Has anyone looked at some screenshots? The graphics are amazing! But... I also think the panties are a little too much, lol. See what I mean? They're even lacey! Haha. And I must say, he's quite sexy for a video game character. shocked The faces and hairdo's pwn compared to Neverwinter Nights, that's for sure! I'm still not sure if I'd rather be a dark elf or elf though. sleepy Everyone will play this game with me, right? LOL

I'm going to have to make some new emo's. These really suck. o_o

Welp, I think I'm gonna go ahead and play some .hack. I still haven't played it, and I got it 2 weeks ago. crying I hope it's a good game.

Btw, I got a new screen name: cupkeeki. Please add me --- I lost my buddylist, and I can't remember everyone's screen name. Also, if you use Messenger, my contact name is

Oh, yesh, plugs! Azumi, Jennifer (sorry to hear about you losing all your stuff, it really is a sad thing crying ), Kawaii, Koutaru (do you want me to change your name to Jul?), Nia (I think I already plugged you, but oh well xD), Rikku (I wanna hear the orgasm song~~ ;o; ), Stevie (youz still me best friend Stevie <3).

I wish Val didn't leave me...
Raechell on 12.28.03 @ 03:01 PM EST [link]

Thursday, December 25th

lookie ^^

music: Hoobastank - Out Of Control
mood: Alive

I want to wish everyone a happy new years and a merry Christmas. I'm still working on this thing (I upgraded to gm1.3), but I plan to blog after everything's complete. blush
Raechell on 12.25.03 @ 10:28 PM EST [link]

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