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Hikari gave me this after I affiliated with her! Isn't it cute?!

KAWAII!!! It's from my affiliate Pure Dreams. Isn't this weird, I get awards without applying for them. Ah well!

Maia from A Castle on a Cloud gave me this award after I affiliated with her! And of course I didn't apply for this one neither. ^-^

I got this from Princess Sailor Mars from ::Card Captors:: And, yeah, you know the ritual. ^-^`` But it's so funni!!!

Aww...isn't our hostess the kewlest?! And it's such a pwetty piccie of Sakura!!! ::wonders who drew it::

Arch from Sakura Orange gave us an award for Christmas also. Pwetty....How do they make pwetty piccies?! Ah well...

Kyle from me this!!! The blushing gets to me....ugh...okies...newyz...Thankies!!!!!!!

A Christmas gift from Princess Sailor Mars. Isn't it nice?!

This is from Pure Dreams for the New Year and Christmas! Kewlness.

This is from Animaniac Gal for Valentine's Day!! But I forgot which one her site is. I know she's one of my affiliates...hmm...

Valentine's Day gift from Mewmeow! Kewlness...Fruits Basket...>P Why does everyone seem to love it so much?

This one's from Kyle. Cuteness!! I've never seen this picture before.