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>>.Chapter 3

(*) The Mistress...

Nimsi awoke with a jerk. Her eyes were wide with nothing as she looked around the wide laboratory.

"Why good morning," a soft voice echoed. "Finally awake, I see."

"Yes, Master," she answered, dazing at Jin who lingered over her.

"Good. Now let's go meet The Mistress. She's been waiting to meet you."

Nimsi stepped down off the chair and stumbled over her feet, landing right into Jin' chest.

She stumbled back against the wall, her heart beating rapidly.

"Sorry, Master. Please forgive me."

Jin raised his eyebrow and turned around. "Hurry up."

She maintained her balance and followed Jin out the door and down the long, narrow passage way to The Mistress.

Reaching her finally, Jin bowed while Nimsi stared at the ground.

"Here she is, Mistress," Jin said, standing straight up again.

The Mistress narrowed her eyes at Nimsi, wondering if she could trust her or not. She clutched the end of the chair with her long brownish-black hands. Her long, black wings flinched from behind her.

"Mistress, something wrong?" Jin questioned.

The Mistress snapped back into reality and looked at Jin.

"Of course not," she lied. "Now, why don't we get on with our plan?"

Jin sighed softly. "I need the device, Mistress."

"Oh, yes. Heh. All right." She shoved her hand down into a hole into the arm of her chair and pulled out a necklace that had a golden chain that shimmered by the light on the walls. A circular silver ball dangled from its end while a small crescent moon went in circles in the center.

Jin stepped up to her and took the necklace quickly from her hands. But she grabbed his wrist and pulled him close to her and whispered: "I don't trust this girl. Are you sure she is the one?" She glared into his eyes, hoping he'd say she wasen't.

" the one," he replied flatly.

The Mistress, disappointed, let go of his wrist and glared at him angrily.

Jin then turned and left with Nimsi.

-| (*) |-

Nimsi and Jin were back in the laboratory and were learning about the device that The Mistress had given them.

"This device is called a DragonChamber. It holds all seven Dragonballs, Earths and Nameks, and can travel from place to place easily. One of it's advantages are earth's gravity or atmosphere for it not to break," Jin read. "Note: If this device is crushed in any way, a nuclear explosion could occur."

Jin looked at Nimsi who was leaning over his shoulder, looking suspeciously at the computer moniter.

"So do you understand this device now?" He asked, turning his chair to face her.

"Yes. That's a very interesting device you came up with," she commented.

"Thanks, I guess."

"Welcome, Master."

"Quit calling me that. My name's Jin."

Nimsi's eyes grew wide and she whispered without moving her lips: "Jin.."

"His name is Jin."

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"Something wrong?"

Hm...he's so beautiful.

"Nimsi? Yo, you still there?" Jin' voice cut in.

Nimsi shook her head lightly and turned to look at him. "Yeah, sorry."

"What's with you, man? You went totally delerious."

"Uh..nothing. I mean, I don't know."

She sighed deeply, and layed a hand on her forehead. The tips of her fingers started to burn like they were on fire. She pulled her hand away and looked at the tips of her fingers that were throbbing with heat.

"What's wrong now?" Jin asked sharply.

"N-nothing." She threw her arms behind her back and coiled her hands into fists.

"God, you're strange." He stood up and walked past her and out the door.




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